Creating and Customizing Clothes, Crafts and Accessories Is Just Getting Better

The launch of the new Transcending Fashion Radio provides a new way for women to get the Optimum in Luxury and creative lifestyle.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- It's easier than ever to create or customize the things that bring tranquility, bliss and great pleasure in accomplishment now that Transcending Fashion Radio is on the scene. This iconic solution now makes it possible for ladies 30 and over to add their own special touch to existing designs with the aid of a sewing machine, crochet or knitting needle and some inspiration and guidance from Natacha Adjovi.

With Natacha's savvy and one's own ingenuity, women can make a fashion statement that sets them apart from their peers while providing the elegance and super fabulous vibe that produces a runway experience and response every time one walks on the public avenue, street or sidewalk. There's also the ah effect when someone enters a home where the rooms have been transformed to reflect a welcoming theme that veers off the ordinary path.

Those into crafts, embroidery and sewing can hear all sort of inspirational ideas and stories from and end up on the warm and chic side of the fashion and design world. Sure to produce envy and inquiry, Transcending Fashion Radio inspired shows will bring beauty to the eyes and soul.

A lover of old-fashioned sewing circles, Creative Lifestyle guru Natacha Adjovi has brought the concept into the arena of her website and radio show. Through the innovation of Transcending Fashion Circle, she has duplicated the effects of the sewing circle; such as the community of sharing, the opportunity to create lasting beauty, the best chances for project sharing and tip-sharing, along with inspiring stories. The same supportive and encouraging environment that was part and parcel of sewing circles is brought into this new arena, with a touch of entertainment, empowerment, oneness, love and maximized inspiration.

This fashion-conscious stylist offers inspiring shows where one can discover how to up the ante on new and existing crafts, outfits and accessories. Standing out and making a mark is within reach when you discover the trends and gather ideas from this “go-to” site.

A quilt doesn't have to be just an ordinary quilt, nor does a pattern or do-it-yourself (DIY) project have to be typical. For those who disdain the cookie cutter effect, is the answer to their dilemma. It's a place where the joy and fulfillment of creativity is optimized.

Visitors to the radio blog will find tools of all types, a community forum, and so many of the things that creative people want in order to take their artistry and craftsmanship to the highest echelons. The ripple effect has began, with Transcending Fashion Radio. Joining is both super easy and extremely wise.