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Carryle Giftware Company Limited specializes in the manufacture of creative gifts, eco-friendly gifts, versatile products, promotional gifts, pillow remote control and multi-functional plush pillow.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Gifts are a great way to express love, feelings and appreciation. Gifts have the power to say different things without the need to speak a single word. However, when it comes to the occasion, people often find it hard to select the perfect gift to compliment the occasion. Carryle Giftware Company makes the task quite easy by offering innovative and useful gifts perfect for every occasion. The creative pillow gift, like the pillow remote control –cow can definitely surprise as well as please any person with its attractive appearance and multi-functionality. The best part about this product is that, it can be used as a remote as well as pillow for comfort. The technology used in this remote is of the highest standards which enables it to learn the functionality of other remotes. A manual switch is also provided which can be either switched on or off so as to prevent the remote from operating wrongly.

Another gift item from the company comes available in the form of pillow remote control with 2-in-1 feature. The pillow is made of polypropylene cotton and is quite similar to the other pillow made available by the company in the functionalities and operation. This creative household product can be used in different ways depending on the requirements of the user. Users are not required to worry when it gets dirty as it can be disassembled and washed thoroughly. The remote control with the pillow can be used to control a media player, TV or even the set-top box. Carryle Giftware Company is entirely dedicated towards offering people unique and useful gifts at affordable prices. The online portal of the company features a detailed section on how to use these pillows which makes it extremely convenient and easy for people who are willing to purchase the product. The cartoon styling and simple design of the product is capable of satisfying the varying requirements of users. .

The promotional pillow for cars available in brown colour is available with the logos of different car companies like BMW, Ford, etc. All these items not only make up for a great gift but ensure high quality and easy life. Efficient design, simple styling and ability to multi-task are some of the greatest aspects of the products from the company. The pillow remote controls are available with sixteen buttons for learning which makes it easier for the users to feed information from other remote controls. Carryle Giftware Company also provides the opportunity for the customers to buy gift certificates for special occasions. On top of all these, several other gift items are also offered by the company which includes sky lantern, water lantern, etc.

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Carryle Giftware Company Limited is recognized as one of the leading providers of promotional gifts, creative gifts and eco-friendly gifts. The online portal of the company features a wide range of gifts which are meant to make every occasion a special one.

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