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Creative Yearbooks Announces Launch of New School Yearbook


Santa Barbara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- Creative Yearbooks is pleased to announce the launch of its yearbook services to schools, military units and organizations across the country.  Featuring school yearbooks and creative annuals for a variety of organizations, Creative Yearbooks offers the very best in photo annuals.  Schools looking for a polished high school yearbook and groups seeking creative annuals are encouraged to contact Creative Yearbooks today.

Creative Yearbooks is dedicated to using the latest in digital technology to allow parents, teachers, students, military personnel, and members of organizations to submit their best photos and content up to the minute of publication for inclusion in a yearbook.  Instead of early cutoff dates, schools and groups can now include graduation photos and quotes or end-of-the-year party shots. 
Creative Yearbooks is also committed to providing the best possible customer service.  Clients who choose Creative Yearbooks will work with friendly and knowledgeable staff to create the perfect and unique memory book for their needs. 

Creative Yearbooks staff have a strong commitment to the preservation of precious memories for groups of all types and will work with clients to ensure that the finished product is exactly what they want. Their yearbook design ideas are fun and creative, perfect for any organization.
Creative Yearbooks uses only the highest-quality materials in yearbook printing and the latest in technological and digital advances to collect information, photos, and content.  Every book is printed on high-quality paper to last a lifetime.  They are bound in tough, durable covers that will withstand years of storage on a shelf.  Every time a person pulls out a Creative Yearbook annual in the years to come, it will look as good as it did when it was first purchased. 

Additionally, Creative Yearbooks offers a digital yearbook for the technologically forward generation of users.
Many schools, groups and other organizations do not have huge budgets to spend on yearbooks and must often cut material or lower the quality of the finished product.  Creative Yearbooks is dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions for yearbook printing so that every group can have the quality finished product it deserves. 

Creative Yearbooks will work with groups or schools of any size to develop a yearbook or annual plan that fits both the group’s requirements and its budget.
Creative Yearbooks is pleased to be able to provide quality, beautifully-finished yearbooks for school groups, organizations, the military and any other group that wants to document its particular journey.  With the help of Creative Yearbooks, schools and other groups will enjoy the most beautiful and creative yearbook products at a price everyone can afford. Because of this commitment to quality, Creative Yearbooks is poised to become the yearbook company that schools and organizations turn to for quality annuals.

About Creative Yearbooks
Creative Yearbooks is a company based in Santa Barbara, California, and handling yearbook publications for schools from kindergarten through college as well as military and organizational yearbooks.  Creative Yearbooks wants to help groups and organizations preserve their precious memories in creative, beautiful yearbook formats.  With the help of modern technology, Creative Yearbooks can offer the most comprehensive yearbook and annual services so that the finished product contains the entire record of a school year or group experience.

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