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Creative Yearbooks Discusses How to Create a Great Yearbook


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- Creating school yearbooks is a gargantuan task that many people avoid if at all possible. For decades, yearbook companies have demanded more and more from the committees organizing school yearbooks. Today, it almost seems that schools must have their class yearbooks assembled before the school year even starts because many school yearbook companies are so demanding. In fact, the number of US school yearbooks are on the decline simply because the process is so often daunting and costly.

However, most parents and students want to order yearbook copies and are willing to pay to do so. Therefore, the help of a yearbook company that controls costs can be the difference in a school that produces an annual and one that does not. Creative Yearbooks, located on the web at , allows teachers, parents, students and other volunteers to enjoy creating the design and layout process and to keep costs down in terms of both money and time.

Creative Yearbooks also offers an Online Yearbook Community. Here the yearbook team provides an online solution where parents and other staff can upload the images they have taken and share their school memories in the yearbook.

Unlike other yearbook printing companies, Creative Yearbooks offers parents, teachers and students plenty of help and advice in creating the perfect annual. Some tips from Creative Yearbooks include:

- Choose a qualified team. Everyone has something to contribute to the yearbook, but not everyone is an expert photographer, layout designer or artist. Choose those who want to help and who have the talent to work with a sometimes frustrating job easily.

- Include everyone. While not everyone is an expert in design, the entire school has talents to contribute to the yearbook. Be sure to include parents, teachers and students in the process.

- Aim for high quality. Use only the best and highest-resolution photographs in annuals for the best results.

- Do not be afraid to be different. The best annuals are sometimes those that break all the rules and dare to be different.

For the lowest yearbook companies prices and the best service, schools can turn to Creative Yearbooks to solve annual compilation issues.

About Creative Yearbooks
Creative Yearbooks is a company that is dedicated to providing easy-to-use solutions to the school yearbook process. While yearbook printing is often a significant cost to schools, Creative Yearbooks can offer digital yearbook options that make this yearbook company a favorite for those who want to use their own talents to create a beautiful, memorable annual.

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