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Creator of KestenBroom - The Broom Revolution Launches IndieGoGo Campaign


Muar, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- The KestenBroom is an improvement on the ancient construction of brooms, which has not changed much in hundreds of years.  Using the oil palm frond and separating the leaf from the rib, creator Kesten Semso has developed a new technique to create a broom that sweeps well and smells fresh. Now, he has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the production of these unique brooms.

The KestenBroom is different from a traditional broom. In fact, its creator refers to it as "the broom revolution". The broom is created from the oil palm rib, but unlike typical oil palm brooms, it is specially machined to create a strong, durable and beautiful product.

The KestenBroom can sweep the garden or other tough areas, unlike many brooms that are designed only for indoor sweeping.  Unlike plastic brooms, the KestenBroom is environmentally friendly, as well as elastic and tough. Other coconut palm brooms are not as durable because they do not usually separate the rib from the leaf, resulting in a broom that deteriorates over time as the leaf and rib split under pressure.

As the first and only machined palm broom in the world, the KestenBroom is non-electrostatic, environmentally friendly, highly durable and features a beautiful and unique design. The creator is seeking funds to build a small factory of machines that will make the broom as well as store the oil palm ribs for other uses. The leaf-rib separator machine will be funded with money from broom sales.

The IndieGoGo campaign, as seen at, offers pledge levels from $1 to $120, and perks such as brooms and kits of various types. For more information on specific pledge levels and associated perks, see the IndieGoGo page.

About KestenBroom
The KestenBroom is a unique oil palm broom machined by separating the rib from the leaf. This broom is designed for rugged outdoor use.  Now, the creator of the KestenBroom has launched an IndieGoGo page to raise funds.

Contact Person: Kesten Semso
Company: Kesten Palm Enterprise
Address: Muar, Johor, Malaysia
Phone: +60133820016