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Creator of "The Obama Dance" Issues Direct Call to First Lady, Michelle Obama

With a view to delivering $500 million of free digital products to Obama supporters, firing up inspiration at the polls and making The Obama Dance a household name, song writer Bob Brown is sending a direct message to the First Lady herself.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- It could well be the catchiest song and dance ever created, however, for the creator of “The Obama Dance”, the first ever choreographed Presidential song has a worthy and serious undertone. In fact, Bob Brown is attempting to reach directly out to the First Lady to share its appeal.

His mission is simple; Brown is asking Michelle Obama to contact Michael Stewart, Director of Organizing for America, with a request to send the song’s video link to the Organization’s thirteen million social media followers.

While Brown hopes homes, schools and offices around the globe will learn the dance, the real purpose of the viral entertainment spectacle is to deliver at least $500 million of free Audio Books to Obama supporters – sending a strong message of unity and firing up high turnouts on November 6th.

“It is my intention to donate at least 500 million dollars in digital products to Obama Supporters while initiating a worldwide vision for The Obama Dance. I believe that this $500 gift to every Obama Supporter in America will surely send a strong message to voters and fire them up at the polls,” says Brown, who has turned his song and dance into a viral web hit.

He continues, “We can reach over half a billion people around the world through the dance, while making huge leaps and bounds towards inspiring Americans to show up at the polls, make their voices heard and put Obama back in the Oval Office.”

Brown’s strategy is being praised by critics as a perfect example of how the internet can spread a life-changing and powerful message.

“If I can reach the First Lady through the internet it will be a perfect showcase of the medium’s power. We all have an opportunity to change the world. This is my contribution,” Brown adds.

Brown’s letter to the first lady can be viewed here: http://www.dearmichelleobama.com

View the Obama Dance at: http://www.obamadancevideo.com

Obama supporters interested in downloading the free digital products can do so here: http://www.obamadancehistory.com

About Bob Brown
A native of Florida, Bob Brown, has been writing and performing songs since age 9. Brown has a Marketing degree from University of Florida with 9 years of creative advertising and marketing consulting experience. He lives in Jacksonville Florida with his 5 year old son.