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Creators of the Innovative Wie-Phone Launch Crowdfunding Project


Great Neck, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2013 -- With a goal of raising $225,000 the cutting-edge designers of the Wie-Phone have launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. A revolutionary new phone that provides free communication without service or roaming charges, the device has exceptional extras that will only further engage consumers in what has only been known thus far as communication’s highly-competitive marketplace. “Simply put, this is a phone that will provide free communication worldwide.” said Monika Lorincz, a representative of the

Wie-Phone Corp. “That means free service anywhere, anytime. No charges, no fees, no subscriptions, no pre-paid cards. There are also no roaming fees or data plans. It’s the answer to the revolving door of cell phone service issues. ”

Described as the “phone that is smarter than smart phones” the Wie-Phone is the most advanced cell phone in existence nearly ready for market. Aside from the unheard of convenience of free communication, the phone will offer consumers stereo sound without the use of headphones as well as the ability to record 3D movies in High Definition quality. With a unique twin button system it will never have to be in one position in order to be used as the phone will always display in the right direction no matter how it’s grasped. Additionally, the cell phone will offer 30 GB of free space on the world’s safest storage cloud.

The creators of the Wie-Phone have already had success in this field due to a luxury phone design for a popular jewelry brand. “The luxury cell phone we designed for millionaire clients inspired us to create a phone that every consumer could enjoy. When we began the design it became so obvious that the best thing for the worldwide market would be to offer users freedom from subscriptions and all the unnecessary fees associated with what we all need so much - cell phone service.” added Lorincz.

Interestingly enough, the technology necessary to bring free communication to the masses has been available, but not applied, for very obvious reasons. Once the technical issues of free communication were solved the creators of the Wie-Phone were able to incorporate other impressive features to their standout device. For the fashion conscience the Wie-Phone’s case is designed by an Italian designer and comes in black and white as well as five additional colors so that consumers can change the phone’s colors themselves as they like - again, free of charge.

The first cell phone that can be used while it’s still in the user’s pocket, the Wie-Phone will literally tell the consumer who is calling. In turn, they can respond by telling the phone if they want it to be answered or not. The device’s Human Interface Technology is unmatched as are the four cameras the phone provides. The Human Interface Technology is a user based service supported by users, volunteers and contractors where people are always in contact with humans no matter what service is requested. You will be able to answer or reject calls, reply emails or text messages without touching your Wie-Phone and you’ll never be lost in translations. Two of the cameras shoot in eight mega pixel capability and the two front cameras have two mega pixel quality. The two back cameras will capture 3D photos and 3D HD movie recording.

Offering all of the other technical features of any other smart phone, the revolutionary Wie-Phone’s design is complete as are its technical specifications. Funding for the project will allow the Wie-Phone to be produced in China and it will also allow the creators to complete software development and Human Interface Technology for the phone.

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