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Credible Stats That Reinforce Guest Blogging's Unquestioned Relevance for Digital Marketing


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2016 -- The guest blogging trend, despite the odd question mark raised on its relevance, continues to be one of the most popular sources of online marketing, with major players opting for this medium of credible expression. In the past one year alone, guest bloggers such as Neil Patel, Marcus Sheridan, Gregory Ciotti and Emily Weiss have gained immense popularity, ascending to the sparkling celebrity status that was once reserved for artists, actors, or authors. In the domain of guest bloggers in the present era with their dazzling mass appeal, just look at some well-known sites like Mashable or Gawker and you'll realize how blogs are dominated by opinion pieces and featured guests. The reason is as simple as this: Credibility.

Statistically, a blog that portrays itself as representing the views of multiple personnel rather than just one man or woman creates a greater impression. According to the Social Marketing Writing, for instance, the percentage of respondents surveyed who considered guest bloggers as a source of credibility for a website to be as high as 68.6%. These figures are staggeringly high to ignore, especially when it comes to a competitive market such as the online or social media industry.

When it comes to viral blog content, there are several relevant factors to be remembered including quality content, regular publications, and good authors. Technically, this accounts for a staggering 57% of what constitutes an ideal blog for most users, as found by the SMW's marketing team. These factors imply that guest bloggers have a unique advantage when it comes to interacting with your readers: they bring their own unique brand of personality, add quality content with some variation in writing style and perception, and improve the social media following through their own circle of followers. For instance, if a guest post is tweeted by the guest blogger on his or her personal blog or social media handle, social media following is increased manifold by the use of a shared base of pre-existing followers.

It is generally accepted that a blog with over 25 to 40 blog posts can generate significant amount of blog traffic. As a result, consistent blogging can create a continual stream of visitors to any website or blog: especially if you consider that nearly 80% of these visitors happen to be new users who stumble upon a certain webpage or link rather than on the Blog home page. The importance of increasing daily and fresh content is further increased by the fact that according to Google Analytics, Google's spiders and crawl-through bots prioritize fresh content. Another factor to remember is that posts with greater than 1500 words on average tend to get about 68% more shares on Twitter and 22% increased likes or shares on Facebook, they are usually among the top 10 , with those under 400 words securing 10th or lower positions. Considering that 75% users never go beyond the first page, this is an important factor to consider when securing quality guest posts.

While it may seem daunting, there are some services like I Guest Blog, which offer guest blogging and posting services, highly unique content with desired word counts, increased but not paid webmaster outreach, and quality control, it is easy to secure both of these criterions: killing two birds with one stone as it were. Guest blogging can often be mutually beneficial because it works on the same principle as a chemical molecule chain link. One often cited case study is NOob Guide of 2011, whose author Oli Gardner was a guest blogger on SEOmoz. The post, with its "Pay with a Tweet for PDF" option, was published on three primary sources, including a PDF landing page and a third-party full-image storage location. According to the self-produced study on Unbounce, he could see a conversion rate of 35.7% since sharing the same as a guest post on SEOmoz, up from the initial rate of 25% and consistent stream of traffic to the guide even after the author stopped promoting it. The study establishes beyond doubt that not only does guest blogging improving traffic, it is responsible for a variety of factors including conversion rates, responses, and credibility that only a guest blog feature can provide.

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