Kredi Kart? Taksitlendirme

KKBT aka Kredi Kart Taksitlendirme Comes to the Rescue of Debt-Ridden Turks by Helping Them Clear Credit Card Debts

KKBT, an Istanbul based company, assists people in relieving their debt burden by enabling them to pay kredi kart? taksitlendirme. Considering the present state of Turkey in terms of credit card debts, this move is expected to free many people from the hazards of debt issues related to credit cards.


Kadikoy, Istanbul -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2012 -- Credit card debts are at an all-time high in Turkey are at an all-time high so much so that its percentage has risen by above 23 per cent than what it was earlier. This is hardly surprising considering the recent announcement made by the country’s biggest provider of credit cards, Garanti Bank that over 30 percent of the transactions made by Turks are through credit cards. In order to curb this problem, the Turkish government has even gone to the extent of banning credit card use at ATM’s for some people. But this step is unlikely to yield any result. Rather, it is expected to affect over 3.7 million people along with the 2.5 million already reeling under the pressure of debt. However, there is good news for Turkish people affected by credit card debt since certain companies such as KKBT aka Kredi Kart Taksitlendirme are giving them an opportunity for paying credit card debt in order to overcome their debt burden.

According to the KKBT spokesperson, KKBT promises you an absolutely honest and legal method of clearing off credit card debt. He argues that bank interests are often above 30 percent. There is no point in paying more to the banks when your debts can be settled for much less. Armed with a reasonably low rate of interest, KKBT enables an individual to repay his debt in twelve equal installments. Moreover, there is no need for the applicants to submit any surety bond or other such documents. He can comfortably pay credit card debt in simple installments and once they are over, the contact will be closed forever. With the help of a debt calculator, applicants can also find out the minimum amount required to be paid in order to come out of debt within a span of 12 months.

KKBT’s offer of paying credit card debt applies to all leading banks including Garanti, Yapi Kredi, Vakifbank, HSBC, TEB etc.

It becomes really impossible for debt owners to settle their dues what with the government coming up with restrictive policies from time to time and banks employing intricate recovery strategies. But KKBT proposes to relieve people off the hazards of debt in a practical and hassle-free manner. The KKBT spokesperson suggests that the first step towards ensuring a debt-free life is to identify the core problem and control the tendency to make use of the credit card on every occasion. He humorously advises to store the card in a locker so as to avoid debt problems.

About KKBT: Kredi Kart Taksitlendirme assists people in solving debt issues related to credit cards. It also offers advice on ways of avoiding a kredi kart borcu taksitlendirme.

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