Consumer Credit Support

Unique Credit Support System Places Credit Repair in Consumers’ Hands


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2012 -- Credit card repair scams may become a thing of the past as a new consumer credit support company unveils its unique and cost effective method to help consumers take control of their credit. The company’s website is host to the new web based system, which allows users track and repair their own credit with the help of a personal virtual assistant.

Credit management is essential when faced with the facts that approx. 80% of the information transmitted to your credit profile is incorrect. On average, 15 Million consumers are victims of Identity Theft, and over $50 billion a year in damages. Most don’t even know they are victims until they try to use their credit card or review their credit card profile.

Self credit repair is now in the consumers’ hands and at a very affordable price. Users benefit not only by having access to fully integrated credit repair software, but a credit maintenance tool that helps maintain a good credit score once it has been built. For more details visit Consumer Credit Support for a full list of benefits to the end user.

Credit card debt has the highest effect on a person’s credit score which is ultimately a measure of how risky lenders view you as a borrower. This results in penalisation via heftier interest repayments, credit applications possibly being denied, cell phone contracts possibly being denied and it may even affect your job prospects if a credit score is factored into your pre-employment evaluation.

Even when credit application is successful, it is not necessarily a good thing. The consumer may have been felt to be a prospect who is likely to bring in the most revenue. People who always have a card to pay off are popular with their creditors.

About Consumer Credit Support
The company is a member of the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance and is a division of the Heed Financial Group.