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Credit Cards for Bad Credit, Are the Fees Really Worth It

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Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2012 -- A great question was recently posted on the YouTube video Credit Cards For Bad Credit, How I was approved for several credit cards with bad credit and BK. The question was posted by Youtube user "TheMyke0" and was stated as follows.

"one card listed on your site ( wants a $95.00 "one time" processing fee AND $75 for the first year (So Basically if you get approved you start with a balance of $170) then $45 a year after. No thank you! With their fees, it would be smarter to do a secured card and pay a deposit of $200. Better than wasting $170 on the fees just to obtain the card!"

The answer to this question came from "creditcardsforbadcr" and was stated as follows.

"I agree, if you have an extra $200-$400 cash in your pocket then you can get a secured card and be further ahead... but in my opinion the unsecured card that has $170 in upfront fees would be good if a person didn't have any cash to put toward the deposit on a secured card. I personally have applied for cards that had these large fees only because I didn't have a lot of extra cash but I knew that I needed to start establishing good credit lines and it was worth paying the fees. hope that helps"

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