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Credit Engine Debuts Chance to Obtain Free Credit Repair Tools


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2016 -- Stoney Williams, marketing director at Credit Engine, announced that the firm is providing customers with the opportunity to earn free credit repair software and tools to help individuals with damaged credit repair, allowing them to take control of their financial reputation.

"It's past time that everyone had access to affordable credit repair," said Williams. "Everyone deserves the right to a better financial future."

The professional level tools and software offered by Credit Engine are affordable, appropriate for credit restoration and repair, and anyone who wants to better monitor and manage their financial health. A 700 credit score is the minimum considered for "good" credit and isn't beyond reach with Credit Engine's tools.

Late payments, amounts sent to collection agencies, and bankruptcy adversely affects credit ratings and scores, but a bad credit report isn't necessarily the fault of the individual. The problem may lie in the way debt is being managed, a person's income to debt ratio, or an insufficient diversity of debt.

A good credit score is essential for purchasing a vehicle or renting an apartment and it can even affect the ability to obtain employment. Less than stellar credit affects the interest rate on loans, the cost of car and home insurance, and professional licensing. Utility companies may require large deposits before providing service.

Mistakes are common on credit reports, affecting every facet of an individual's financial status and reputation. A single incorrect keystroke entered at a credit reporting bureau can have far reaching effects. The three credit reporting agencies don't share information and only make corrections when an individual disputes information.

According to a study by the Federal Trade Commission, 1 in 5 consumers have an error on their credit report and consumers who had an inaccuracy corrected experienced an increase in their credit score. The problem may be as simple as changing an inconsistent address or eliminating an account the individual doesn't own.

The unique offer by Credit Engine provides individuals with the ability to obtain credit repair and restoration tools and software to improve their credit rating and manage their financial health. A good credit score is critical in today's world for the ordinary essentials of life and Credit Engine can help with a professional solution.

About Credit Engine
We offer credit repair software and tools to help individuals build a better financial future at an affordable price. Way too long has this industry been full of scammers taking advantage of people already struggling. Now they can get it done right without the hassle with a solution that's been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX News and Bloomberg.

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