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Wanda Strickfaden, the “Financial Expert of Credit Restoration” issues new book


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Wanda Strickfaden's new book, Credit Repair: Real Answers to Your Credit Problems, provides her readers with answers to their most vital credit worries.

In a period when your credit rating can have a huge effect on your home purchase, buying a car, even getting a job, having an expert help you clean up your credit mistakes can make all the difference. Even a few points on your credit can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage or loan/

Wanda Strickfaden has been helping folks repair their credit for over 12 years, through great economies and some not so great. In that time, she has been able to count thousands of clients among her successes.

Wanda approaches credit repair with honesty and integrity. Every conversation starts with a simple explanation: what is true credit repair with no upfront fees.

What credit repair is: Credit repair is a process where Wanda takes the time to correct misinformation on your credit report. She looks at dates, times, repayment schedules and every other facet of your credit reports from the three major credit agencies. After looking for large mistakes, which happen all too often, Wanda will then correct smaller issues, like addresses and account information.

What credit repair is not: It is not a solution to a lifetime of bad financial decisions. There is no way to eliminate true items and events on your credit report. Major negative events are on your report for the legally allowed period. What Wanda can do is make sure that they are removed as soon as possible to get you back on solid financial ground again.

One important aspect of credit repair is the simple idea that credit repair is a process, not a miracle. No credit repair expert or agency can ever promise that you will have perfect credit. What Wanda can promise is that every effort will be made on you behalf to clean up your credit report, correct mistakes and remove fraudulent or incorrect items that will drag down your credit.

In her book, Credit Repair: Real Answers to Your Credit Problems, Wanda details this information for readers in a way that they can understand.

About Wanda Strickfaden
Wanda Strickfaden is available as an expert witness for litigation, professional resource for radio and television, as well as an accomplished writer able to supply you with articles and blogs. She can be contacted through her website, or by calling 704-877-8739.

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