Credit Repair Companies to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

Over 20% of Americans have poor credit. Many of them don’t know how to fix it, so they do nothing. That, of course, only makes the situation worse. There are so many advertisements out there for credit repair assistance that it’s hard to decide whether or not to hire someone to help rebuild bad credit. The following will take a look at how credit repair companies work so consumers can confidently choose to utilize one or not.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- Repairing one’s credit can be done without assistance. Start by contacting the creditors that are owed money to devise a mutually satisfactory debt repayment schedule. Most creditors appreciate that sometimes people experience financial reversals of fortune and are willing to work with a concerned borrower. Paying bills on time will also help fix a not-so-wonderful credit standing. These are just a couple of suggestions to get one started on one’s own path to improved credit. However, if one wishes to find some answers to how do credit repair companies work, here is the place to look. The first step in the way a credit repair business operates is by offering different levels of service.

The first level may include credit repair services directed to the reporting bureaus, fact checking, item verification, and disputing items on one’s credit report. The next level adds to the first by offering specific legal interventions aimed toward creditors who must be made to conform to the mandates specified by federal law. The third level combines the first two then goes further, adding credit monitoring and credit score improvement. Of course, fees differ depending on the level of service.

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More facts about how credit repair companies work include that they work directly with a client to go over his credit report to spot issues on it. Some companies offer a specific type of credit restoration geared for those who are troubled by medical bills, student loan debt, and identity theft. Once the company has gotten all of the client’s information, it goes into action, sending letters of dispute or challenge and intervention correspondence to creditors and credit bureaus on behalf of the client. Because the credit reporting bureaus communicate directly with the person making the claims of fraud or errors, the credit repair company will go over the findings of the bureaus with their client so there is no confusion about the decisions. Many of these businesses also offer follow-up educational advice to help keep a client whose credit has been successfully repaired fiscally savvy, preventing future credit difficulties.

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