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Credit Repair Companies Website Announces Launch of Completely Redesigned Site


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2012 -- Credit Repair Companies, a website that helps consumers compare businesses that can fix bad credit, has just completed a thorough redesign of its website.

The newly-updated site now makes it easier for people to learn more about many of the different businesses that offer this service, as well as educate themselves as to why it may be needed in the first place.

According to statistics, four out of five credit reports contain at least one error, and in about 20 percent of these cases, the mistake is serious enough to have a significant impact on the person’s ability to get credit.

Credit scores, also known as FICO scores, are now checked for a variety of reasons—for example, insurance companies, medical offices and potential employers will typically run a credit check on their potential customers, patients and workers—so it is more imperative than ever that the number is correct.

Although most people understand the seriousness of this situation and they want to be sure their FICO scores are accurate, many are unsure of what steps they should take to remedy the situation. Even if they had a good idea of how to go about improving their credit score and fixing any inaccuracies that are on their report, it can be a time consuming and often-confusing process.

Credit Repair Companies offers a useful comparison chart that takes a close look at five of the top companies that offer credit repair services. By using this information, consumers can compare and contrast the specific services that each program offers and determine which one might be the best choice for them.

For example, SkyBlueCredit, one of the companies that is featured on the chart, offers credit score counseling and credit rebuilding. Lexington Law also offers credit score counseling but does not offer credit rebuilding. The chart, which also includes pricing information for the various companies, is found on the newly-redesigned website’s homepage.

Credit Repair Companies also helps teach consumers about many of the common mistakes that people make that can ultimately hurt their credit score.

For example, while many consumers believe that closing credit card accounts is a good idea, it may actually raise their debt to credit ratio, which in turn will negatively affect their credit score. Also, putting a complete stop to all credit card use prevents any new credit history from being obtained and could cause the credit card issuer to close the account, which also will increase the consumer’s debt to credit ratio.

About Credit Repair Companies
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