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Credit Repair Software Reveals New Strategies on Stop Harassing Debt Collectors


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- A new debt survey carried out by the Federal Reserve shows that the average household in the United States owes $15,191 in credit card debts and as a nation, consumers in the US owe more than $11 trillion.

Any householder that owes a debt will understand the stress that comes with it. It is not just owing the money; it is the harassment that often comes from debt collectors demanding the debt to be settled and adding extra costs to the outstanding total.

This kind of stress can leave consumers feeling unable to cope with the pressure, and wondering how they will ever meet the demands. However, this problem can now be solved with the new Self-Credit Repair software from Mark Clayborne.

On the new software, Mark Clayborne, author of the best-selling credit repair book HiddenCredit Repair Secrets, reveals a set of effective strategies to help end the harassment from debt collectors. Not only will the credit repair software educate consumers on how to stop debt collectors from hounding them, it will also teach consumers vital tips on how to deal with collection agencies when they call and help to inform consumers about the Fair Debt Collections Act.

Moreover, the software includes template letters that can be used to write to debt collection agencies, arrange to settle debts and to dispute any information that might be inaccurate.

Self-credit Repair costs just $99.00 and it is compatible with Window 7 and 8.

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