Credit Report Repair Services: Good, Bad, or Other

So many people are carrying the burden of poor credit these days. Bad credit keeps a person from accessing new credit and small loans that could help improve their lives and it results in a bad credit report. While it is quite possible to repair one’s negative credit on one’s own, some folks prefer to have a credit report repair service do it for them. The following will take a look at these services to determine if they’re helpful or not to consumers.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- There is one key way to fix a poor credit report, and that is to pay off debt entirely. Sounds easy when put like that, doesn’t it? Well, it can be easier than one would think, and it doesn’t necessarily require credit report repair services to do it. Start by organizing the debt, either from highest-to-lowest amount owed or lowest-to-highest interest rate. Set up a rigid budget that includes enough to make monthly payments to all of one’s creditors. If that doesn’t sound good, lump all of the debt under one canvas by taking out a debt consolidation loan. This gets rid of the many separate payments to different creditors and gives someone just one payment to the loan company. Taking on a second job and applying the paycheck from it to debt repayment helps, as does utilizing the equity in one’s home. Asking friends or family members for a small loan to help pay off the debt can also be helpful. These are but a few of the do-it-oneself methods of credit report repair.

For those that wish to employ a credit report repair service to help them improve their credit score, be wary of scams. Walk away from any business that requires up-front fees. This is illegal under the ruling of the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Any credit report repair company that does not specifically define the rights and obligations of a consumer must be avoided, too. Do not send in payment to any service until they have provided the benefits promised. While not all of these businesses are out to steal a person’s hard-earned dollars, a good number of them are, so be careful and research credit repair companies thoroughly before hiring one.

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There are good credit report repair services out there, and they can be very helpful. They can contact one’s creditors to look into working out a debt repayment plan. They are also able to advise an individual on what items to dispute on their credit reports, and they will monitor one’s credit reports., an online marketing company located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts,, has more information on this topic and is happy to share it with others.