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Brand New Website Raising Eyebrows for Free Credit Reports with Non-Invasive Application Process


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2011 -- Clients no longer have to put money right down to credit reports and scores, thanks to Free Annual Credit Report Online. http://freeannualcreditreportonline.info/index4.html is currently operational and offering U.S. consumers the opportunity to get all credit reports and scores on the net for free, which has no money down and without any credit card required to secure the reports.

First, consumers won't have credit points reduced due to the inquiries generated by the website to obtain credit reports and scores. And, to top that, consumers can usually get credit scores and reports totally free, something other commercial credit reporting sites do not offer. Credit scores are given for all three major credit bureaus. And emails and text alerts will also be provided (without cost) to customers who would like to know when their credit scores and reports are accessed.

Individuals are often still in the dark about credit scores. But Annual Credit Report Online increases the number of individuals who are able to readily access their credit scores whenever desired. When an individual walks into a car dealer, furniture store, or mortgage loan officer, the procedure can be much simpler since the bargaining process is more equal than in the past ; both sides knows the consumer's credit score and be able to negotiate more fairly. No longer does the customer will need to go in unaware of a store given that they know their credit score, which makes buying cars, furniture, and homes easier and more economical to the consumer. http://freeannualcreditreportonline.info/index4.html helps consumers be much better consumers, more informed regarding their placed into a negotiation.

Jason Nichols, who is an actual user of the system, said, "the fact that It's possible to get my credit reports anytime I need them is amazingly convenient. Not only do I be able to find out my credit scores totally free, but the system emails me and sends me text alerts whenever there is any sort of change to my credit." Jason as well as others find the services offered at http://freeannualcreditreportonline.info/index4.html as better than other sites offering similar (by for-pay) services. There are no longer any strings connected to the consumer's getting their credit report and score, and are no longer penalized along with a loss of points for accessing this information on this site.

Annual Credit Report Online allows consumers to obtain credit scores and reports and initiate taking control of consumer credit, at no cost. No other consumer credit reporting site gives consumers the freedom to have information without having to pay the cost of lowering credit to become fully informed of their credit situation.