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Link Hills, KwaZulu-Natal -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- Creditcheck123 presents a way through which people can check their credits in an easy manner, they can check their personal credit score, get a really detailed report about the status of credits, and much more, the three in one credit report by this company will help out in a reliable manner. Credit statuses, judgments on the credits, defaults on the payments and much more information is available right on a single platform now.

All the data that one could ever require from the three major credit bureaus is present here. For each and every individual, one thing that’s necessary is having the basic knowledge about their financial status, and by understanding their own credits, one can do so in a much better manner. Having positive credits helps a lot when one approaches the banks for loans of credit cards; it helps people get licenses in an easy manner.

Having negative credit can affect these aspects in a negative manner. Hence, every individual must know where they stand when it comes to the financial credits that they have. Once they keep track of their credits, they can become financially stable.

Sometimes, people don’t even know that they have negative credits, and that would effect them in a bad manner. Hence, realization is important, and creditcheck123 will make the individual applying for credit score request realize each and every credit fact. Now, at creditcheck123, all that one needs to do is fill up a credit requisition form and they will get the information that they want.

Credit reports can be got about right online now in a fast and simple manner, and since the services provided by this company are provided 24/7, whenever needed, the report will be put forth before the customer. Creditcheck123 will get the right facts from the top reliable top bureaus so that you always know. The system put forth by this company to perform the credit checks is one of a kind, and works about really efficiently.

Credit123 also provides a whole deal of information on how to deal with identity theft that’s effecting an individual’s credit, how to dispute certain items that are included in the credit report, and much more.

Creditcheck123 is located in 2 Glenmason Corner Pinetown, KZN South Africa 3610. To know more about credit checks visit or call +27 87 550 115.