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Link Hills, KwaZulu-Natal -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- In today’s economy credit reports hold a great significance. Acquiring a credit report is a trouble-free process now with many companies offering services pertaining to credit checks. Credit reports are comprehensive and correct records are maintained by the credit agencies about the financial activities of an individual. is one among these companies which assists people in getting credit scores checked and prepares reports on the individual’s credit.

The company prepares a 3-in-1 credit report that gives an overall précis from three major credit rating bureaus. These reports are then combined into a single report. The process of verifying an individual’s creditworthiness is referred to as a credit check. A credit check deals with a detailed inspection from credit reporting agencies. The report contains information like date of birth, present and former address, employment history, social security number, current employer and pay and records of loan payment and debts. assists the customers in procuring a detailed credit report in an attempt to help them examine the personal credit score. provides a 3 in 1 report which helps customers observe their credit status, personal credit summary, and payments dues. The three credit bureaus compile this information in the credit report. helps the customers understand their financial position by preparing credit reports and assessing credit score.

The online credit report is generated quickly with the help of The customers are requested to fill an online form wherein all the necessary information is to be submitted. Soon after this the processing of the application begins. Proficient and experienced agents work towards the preparation of these reports. The applicants obtain the credit report and can view their profile online. Understanding the reason behind the different kinds of entries appearing on the report is essential for amending negative factors. The report contains information from three reporting bureaus of South Africa.

The service offered by is fast, secure, and strictly confidential. All the information generated through the credit reports are kept private and hence there no issues of data theft. The company utilises standard encryption techniques for the security of the data provided by the client. The website features several articles about the importance of credit checks and credit reports. The most exciting part is that assists the customers in performing all this work 24/7 online.

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About extends its services to various customers in preparing reports on personal credit and executing credit checks. Being associated with renowned technology providers along with the credit bureaus in South Africa for collecting information, the company is situated in South Africa and is well established in the industry.

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