Credit Check Offers an Online Platform to Conduct Credit Checks


Link Hills, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- Personal credit report analysis is very significant in knowing details about individual finance behavior and credit situation in general. As part of the personal credit check, finance information needs to be collected from sources like creditors and other public records. is an online platform which offers services of tracking the financial records of individuals by running specific and accurate credit checks. The company based with its operations in South Africa brings out a simple process of checking individual credit scores and preparing credit reports on that basis.

The company owner says, “ brings out 3-in-1 credit reports involving a complete synopsis of the profile details from three major credit agencies”. These credit information generated is specifically combined in to single reports. As stated by company officials, “Our Company specializes in delivering comprehensive credit reports online for 24/7 from any where based on the specific needs and credit score line of customers”. Clients are given the option to access the credit report information in an easy and simple manner.

The credit reports generated as part of the credit check done by the company may essentially include credit judgments, payment defaults, personal credit profile activity and credit status analysis all combined in to a single easy to read document. In order to initiate the credit check service, the company partners with some of the top leading technology players and this facilitates in collecting and aggregating from well known credit agencies operating in South Africa. It is possible for clients to avail the service put forward by customers from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm. on all weekdays.

The company recommends a simple process of user registration by entering specific information online. As part of this registration option, clients need to fill in an online application form by submitting correct details like name, email id, mobile id, ID number and submit the same online. A complete guarantee is given towards confidentiality for information entered online by clients. Apart from this, the company website also publishes different articles on credit checks and credit report information and analysis. To get more details on to do an accurate personal credit check, visit,, the company’s website.

The company offers the option to conduct credit checks online. The company offers the option to do a detailed three in one credit report on the basis of information generated from 3 main credit bureaus. The company offers a simple online registration procedure for customers to avail the credit check report service.

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