Creditera Adds Additional Credit Score to Offering

Why Do Multiple Scores Matter?

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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- (BCSC) is a leading credit score review company online. The company is continually working to provide consumers with the most up-to-date information about all the companies in the credit reporting industry. Commitment to customers is key. That’s why individual customer reviews are encouraged and published.

“Our goal is to give customers an accurate picture of exactly what they can expect from each company in the credit reporting industry,” stated Kelly Edwards, Director of Reviews at BCSC. “We can’t stand when companies break promises they’ve made to consumers. If we hear about it, we want to let the world know about it.”

Recently, a top company on BCSC, and a customer favorite, has increased its credit score offering. Creditera ( added a second score to their credit offering. In the past, only an Experian score was included when customers enrolled in Creditera services. TransUnion is now the second score customers will have access to when they enroll.

Changes like this are seen by BCSC as an excellent gesture on the part of Creditera. It shows they have a desire to provide continually improving services to their customers. A second score gives customers a broader view of their credit situation.

“Having all more credit scores can be of great benefit to consumers. It gives them a more rounded picture of what’s happening with their credit. The more information a company can provide their customers, the better,” says Edwards.

Independent surveys conducted by BCSC indicate that having more than one score may not be as much of a priority to consumers as initially indicated. The sentiment seems to be that one score is enough. This can be a potentially dangerous mentality. While having one score is a great start, having more than one score gives individuals a much larger safety net. In cases where an incident isn’t reported to multiple credit bureaus, if consumers only have one score, they may be missing a big part of the picture.

“We’re excited that Creditera has added to their already solid offering,” says Edwards. “When a company is seemingly already doing well, and they make a clear gesture to improve their offering, it’s a great sign that they are concerned about their customers. When businesses care about their customers, it gives them a much greater chance of rising to the top of our rankings.”

If you’re a business owner, Creditera also offers credit monitoring services for your company. Your personal scores aren’t the only ones that need to be tracked. They offer multiple package options that allow you to protect yourself and your business.

A focus on detail and an unbiased approach is what allows to effectively evaluate credit reporting companies. The BCSC experts review and rank every company in the industry based on a strict twelve point rating system. Every company we look at is evaluated on how well they can serve customers and keep the promises they make to them. The BCSC website also offers news from the industry and helpful information about how to improve your credit score.