Creditor Metrics: Consumer Approaches to Payment Protection Insurance in France New Report


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2012 -- Comprising both an analytical report and a convenient data annexe in Excel format, the research covers four types of creditor policy: insurance cross-sold in conjunction with mortgages; policies cross-sold with consumer finance and personal loans; cover linked to credit cards; and bill payment protection insurance. It measures take-up rates against the relevant audience (i.e. those with the underlying lending products in the first three cases and all respondents in the fourth) and also shows the distribution channels and interfaces used by respondents in France to take out creditor policies. Distribution channels vary by type of creditor insurance but can include the bank or other institution making the underlying loan plus a variety of other options; distribution interfaces include face-to-face, online, inbound telephone, outbound telephone and postal sales. Finally, the report analyses claims frequency across all types of creditor insurance in France combined broken out by reason for claim.

Key features of this report include:

- unique analyses showing penetration rates across eligible respondents for creditor insurance in France, and how these percentages vary according to the profile of the respondent;

- data describing the percentage of insured respondents who believe that they hold cover for each of the six main risks, namely death, permanent disability, critical illness, temporary incapacity, unemployment and carer time;

- robust statistics illustrating the ways in which payment protection insurance policies are acquired in France, including sales by the banks and other institutions making the underlying loans plus alternative channels such as direct sales by insurance companies and sales by financial advisers;

- reliable information concerning the importance of online and offline sales for this type of cover, including a unique split of online sales by type of device used (i.e. regular desktop or laptop computers, tablets or mobile phones);

- valuable insights into claims frequency for creditor insurance in France, segmented by reason for making the claim.

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