Credit Repair Companies 123 Reveals Spousal Discount to Same Sex Relationships from Sky Blue Credit Repair


Shelby, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Spousal discounts are a common feature in many financial businesses. However it is still unusual, even in our current liberal society, for businesses to extend these discounts to same sex couples. For the most part these discounts are restricted to people who have been legally married, or at least cohabiting heterosexual couples. However some socially progressive companies are refusing to discriminate against gay people, and extending the same privileges to same sex couples as they would to heterosexual partners.

One progressive business that is extending their spousal discount to same sex couples is Sky Blue, a credit repair company. They help people rebuild damaged credit ratings, in order to improve their future credit worthiness. SkyBlue has a substantial reputation for helping people improve their credit score instantly by removing negative reports on credit histories. ( ) has produced a full and detailed reviews of Sky Blue’s services, including their effectiveness and a full break down of costs.

The spousal discount offered by Sky Blue is an extremely generous fifty percent, which represents a significant saving on the monthly cost of the service. This allows same sex couples to save almost $300 a year on repairing their credit rating, money that they would have to pay out if the discount was not honored for same sex couples.

A spokesperson for said: “It’s definitely not unusual for a company to provide a discount for spouses of existing customers, especially in the consumer finance sector. However, many finance related companies are stuck in the past when it comes to deciding who exactly is entitled to these discounts. That’s why we were delighted to hear that Sky Blue offer exactly the same generous spousal discount to same sex couples as they do to heterosexual couples. It really is a breath of fresh air, especially in the finance industry, to see a company refusing to discriminate. They were the only credit repair company we could find who would extend their spousal discount to same sex couples. In addition to their generous discount, Sky Blue also offers an excellent service. They are well known for their strong service, and are capable of repairing even the most dilapidated credit reports. We highly recommend them.“

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