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‘CreditRepairCompanies.com’ Helps Consumers Fix Their Credit Scores With Directory of Best Companies


Gilbert, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2012 -- According to a 2006 Consumer Action study, 27 percent of Americans have never checked their credit score.

The reasons why people should know their credit score are numerous: first and foremost is because the vast majority of credit reports contain at least one error. Research by the Public Interest Research Group determined that 79 percent of credit reports included at least one incorrect item, and just over a quarter of these errors were bad enough that the person would probably be denied credit.

Another reason to stay on top of a credit report is identify theft or fraud: research by TransUnion found that just over 65 percent of Americans are concerned about these issues, and half have either experienced it or who someone who has.

Clearly, being familiar with what is listed on a credit report is of vital importance, and fixing any mistakes is also paramount. Since credit reports are used to determine not only loan qualifications but also if someone should be hired for a job and many other things, finding reputable credit repair services should be on the top of every consumer’s to do list.

A website has been creating quite a buzz lately for its ability to assist those who are in the process of trying to correct and improve their credit rating.

CreditRepairCompanies.com features an impressive directory of honest and legitimate credit repair companies that have been hand-selected by editors at the website. General guidelines for approved credit repair services include making sure the company lists its price for service, that they won’t promise results (this is actually a violation of a federal statute), and avoiding any credit repair company that wants its payment up front.

Scrolling across the top of the website’s home page are some of the most impressive and reputable companies that have been vetted by the editors at CreditRepairCompanies.com. For example, the Lexington Law credit repair reviews are so positive, the company has been awarded a grade of A+.

“Lexington Law Firm has established itself as the leader in consumer credit repair both in scale and in results,” an article on the website noted.

“Lexington Law has applied the professionalism of a law firm to our 500,000 retained clients with over 1,000,000 negative items removed in 2010 alone. They have been in business for over two decades and are the clear leader in the industry. We highly recommend Lexington Law’s service for anyone looking for a credit repair company.”

Sky Blue credit repair reviews are also overwhelmingly positive. The Florida-based company has helped individuals repair their credit since 1989.

“They allow you to sign up online and pull your credit reports. They will challenge your erroneous items with the credit bureaus and send responses directly to you so you can see the results as they occur,” an article on the website explained.

About CreditRepairCompanies.com
CreditRepairCompanies.com is a directory website that provides third party informational listings about credit repair companies in your area. We provide a place where people can rate companies that they have worked with and leave customer feedback. Our purpose is to inform the public about credit repair and hold the industry to the highest standard. For more information, please visit http://www.creditrepaircompanies.com