Bryan Wood Cremation Urns Announce High Quality Urns That Are Customizable Directly on the Website


Glendale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for customizable urns, Bryan Wood Urns in announcing their line of exceptionally high quality urns that can be customized to represent the personality and uniqueness of the loved one that they are honoring.

For people who have undergone the tragedy of losing a loved one, creating a meaningful keepsake is an important part of their convalescence. Whether it’s a piece of clothing, a cherished picture, or an urn above the fireplace, people appreciate the positive memories and good feelings that come with tangible representations of the departed.

Tim Bryan, who created Bryan Wood Urns out of his own experience with loss, comments: “Using my own experience of personnel loss, I have developed a number of cremation urns that allow you the opportunity to express your own feelings.”

Bryan Wood Urns are each individually created with the departed in mind. When clients first come to the website they can choose from a wide variety of urn shapes and styles. There are two major categories of urn shapes including “Box Urns” (which employ a square shape) and “Segmented Earns” (which resemble a large vase and use over 200 individual pieces of wood). Within these two categories are sub categories which represent the actual dimensions of the urn. Customers can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, each urn with its own design name such as “integrity,” “benevolence,” “Serenity” and “Sincerity.”

Each urn also comes with a “keepsake tray” which holds personal mementos of the departed. The tray is skillfully built in to the actual urn, and can be removed or included in the urn during its display.

Once a client chooses his or her urn they can go to the “Design Studio” and customize it even further. This is where Bryan Wood Urns really separate themselves from other urn companies as they allow for multiple customization options including writing, and perhaps most impressively, picture etching directly onto the wood itself.

The latter gives the bereaved the opportunity to upload a picture of their loved one and have it etched directly onto the urns surface. Clients all attest that the technology is an amazingly accurate representation of the original picture they provided, and of course, Bryan Wood Urns sends them a proof of what their urn will look like before they move forward with the actual creation of it.

According to past clients, this is perhaps the most distinguishable quality of Bryan Wood Urns. They pride themselves on customer service and they keep their clients in the loop during every step of the creation process. No decision is made without the client’s approval, and the cremation urn isn’t made until the client actually orders it.

It’s with this commitment to customer service that Bryan Wood Urns have separated themselves from other urn companies. According to past customers Pete & Julie Dowley, “…This is one purchase we never envisioned in our lifetime; however they alleviated the difficult process by taking time to answer questions and offer guidance during the proofing phase and even with the follow up phone call to ensure delivery and satisfaction. Thank you so much.”

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