Reviews Revitatone and Equivita, Performs Thorough Testing and Analysis


Amsterdam, North Holland -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 --, a website dedicated in testing and reviewing the latest facial creams in the industry, has recently shared its analysis on the anti-aging facial creams Revitatone and Equivita. The combination of Revitatone and night cream Equivita has become widely praised amongst both consumers and critics. With increasing popularity decided to perform its own testing to see if this combination is indeed effective.

6 subjects of different age groups and varying skin conditions were chosen by to perform the testing and everyone was applying the combination of Revitatone in the day or morning and Equivita at night. The testing period was of 2 weeks hence the editorial team of the website expected immediate effects as the creams’ instant improvement was also a major talking point.

The composition of the creams is very innovative and many medical professionals have praised the ingredients used in Revitatone and Equivita as the creams are paraben free. Paraben which was widely used in the past in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries is now frowned upon by the consumers due to its numerous allergic reactions and sometimes the harmful effects it creates when used for long periods of time. Controversies have also crept up linking breast cancer to paraben however direct link has not yet been established.

Apart from being absolutely Paraben free the creams boost collagen levels naturally which is something all leading cosmetic companies are trying to achieve. Increasing collagen levels has been one of the most effective ways of tackling aging skin, however natural method of boosting collagen has been difficult to find. Both Revitatone and Equivita via their ingredients – Argan Oil in Revitatone and Matrixyl 3000 with combination of extracts in Equivita – boost collagen levels naturally and perform various other necessary functions resulting in much younger and clearer looking skin.

The subjects all witnessed a transformation in their skin despite the fact they all have different skin types which confirms the company’s claim that both creams are compatible to all skin types.

With definite improved skin and a more vibrant younger looking results has even titled the combination of Revitatone and Equivita as the “Best Cream Combination of the Year”. The full review of Revitatone and Equivita, which come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and week-to-week analysis of the testing period of the creams can now be viewed on the website.

About is a website that reviews popular facial creams by performing personal tests on voluntary subjects or by its own editorial team. The website has recently tested the combination of Revitatone and night cream Equivita on different aged women with varying skin conditions. With overall improvement in all subjects, has called Revitatone and Equivita the “Facial Cream Combination of the Year”.

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