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Crepe Paper Tapes Market: What Lies Ahead in the Packaging Industry

Crepe Paper Tapes Market is mainly driven by rise in demand for industrial painting on two-wheelers, automobiles, aircrafts and others


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2018 -- Crepe paper is a paper that has a unique texture, puckered or wrinkled. Thus, allowing the paper to stretch about 4%-20% more and elongate which helps it to stick to curve and irregular surfaces better than normal paper. Through creeping process, the paper becomes porous and helps crepe paper to become saturated with adhesives. Crepe paper is produced from paper pulp. The paper making machine which consists of a cylindrical dryer is sprayed with glue or adhesives making the paper sticky with wrinkles or surface creases. The amount of wrinkles can be controlled by the cylindrical dryer, thus forming crepe paper. Crepe paper is one of the lightest packaging material which as a consequence helps to reduce packing weight and amount of packaging material. Crepe paper tape is used for general bonding, securing insulation, splicing paper, mounting nameplates among others. Also, crepe paper tapes are easy to tear. Generally, pressure-sensitive natural or synthetic rubbers are used as an adhesive on crepe paper for sticking to a substrate.

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Global Crepe Paper Tapes Market: Market Dynamics

Crepe paper tapes are increasingly used in automotive industry for surface protection, paint masking tapes, die-cuts among others. Crepe paper tapes are used to cover automobile areas that do not require paint. Thus, crepe paper tapes are also known as masking tapes. Masking tapes helps to protect a surface from over-use of paint, provide good paint to the surface and the tape can be removed easily after painting is done. Rise in demand for industrial painting on two-wheelers, automobiles, aircrafts and others is leading to increasing demand for masking of painting objects thus is expected to increase the demand for crepe paper tapes for masking applications.

Crepe paper tapes are used to manufacture industrial paper bags. Rising demand for industrial paper bags is leading to increasing demand for crepe paper tapes. In global crepe paper tapes market by adhesive type, the major share is hold by rubber adhesives including natural and synthetic rubber.

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The global crepe paper tapes market has been bifurcated into seven key regions such as North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, Middle East & Africa, Latin America and Japan. Crepe paper is used as a material for masking tapes and generally named as crepe paper based masking tape. Masking tapes or crepe paper tapes are pressure-sensitive tapes that are generally used to cover areas where paint should be avoided. The adhesive used in crepe paper tapes or masking tapes is very important, as it allows the tape to be easily removed without damaging the surface or leaving tape residue. A major application of crepe paper tapes is in the automotive paint shops. Below is the regional distribution of masking tapes where crepe paper is also used as one of the materials.