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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Moms and Dads these days have access to a wealth of information about childcare. That's why most parents know that a hard crib mattress is recommended when buying bedding for their child's nursery. But what are the exact reasons why doctors and childcare experts recommend using a firm crib mattress especially with newborns and infants? explains the need for a hard crib mattress.

Comfort Versus A Safe Sleeping Surface

Some parents who have taken the time to try out the mattress that they are about to purchase for their nurseries often say that it feels like sleeping on a board or a piece of wood. As adults, they are far more accustomed to the softness of the puffy sort of mattress that is ideal for giving their tired limbs a good night's rest. Thus, the firmness of an infant mattress can come as a bit of a shock. If they don't find the mattress comfortable, how will their child feel about it?

Experts say that these concerns about comfort are largely unnecessary. To begin with, it is believed that babies can quickly become accustomed to firm sleeping surfaces as long as they have not become used to a soft one beforehand. Thus, unless a child has co-slept with his parents on a cushy bed or slept for some time on a soft mattress, he should have no trouble adjusting to a hard crib mattress. Also, babies weigh far less than adults. This means that their bodies present less resistance to their crib mattresses, making the surface less hard to them than it feels to a heavy adult.

Meanwhile, most parents and childcare providers would rather be safe than sorry. A firm crib mattress is believed to reduce the risk of SIDS because it does not present a suffocation hazard in the same way that a soft mattress does. Even a baby who rolls over and ends up face-down at some point should have no trouble breathing on a hard crib mattress because his face won't sink into its surface.

Resilience and Physical Development

Meanwhile, another important reason to get a hard mattress for a child's crib is the role that the mattress will play in a baby's physical development. Babies are always learning ¨C and learning at a very fast pace ¨C how to coordinate their bodies and move more and more efficiently in their environments. When they have a hard mattress in the crib, it is easier for them to learn how to push up, roll over, crawl, and later on pull themselves up to a standing position. That's because a firm mattress is able to provide adequate resistance for their efforts, in much the same way that an adult would find it easier to run on firm ground than on soft mud.

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