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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Parents are only interested in giving their child the best possible care. Naturally, this will include choosing top-quality consumer products that are both healthy and safe for their child to use. It these products can in any way enhance their child's development, then all the better. gives parents basic information on the foam crib mattress to help them make the smart choice with regard to their child's bedding

What It is Made Of

What material goes into a foam crib mattress? The obvious answer is foam ┬ĘC but not all foams are created equal. A foam crib mattress can be made with a core of polyurethane foam, eco-friendly foam, organic foam, or even memory foam. Conventional polyurethane foam is going out of favour as it has recently been discovered that the chemical flame retardants in traditional foam mattresses can out gas over time and endanger a baby's health. Thus, manufacturers have developed alternatives such as eco-friendly foams that meet government safety standards regarding the presence of phthalates and volatile organic compounds.

Meanwhile, parents who prefer to go organic can choose a foam mattress that has a core made of natural latex or coir. Organic cotton or wool are also used to fill or cover these organic mattresses. Finally, there is memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are supposed to improve the body's posture and be more comfortable than regular foam, although it can be a bit warmer and contain a number of chemicals.

How it Rates

When people buy a crib mattress, they generally want it to be firm and hygienic. A foam mattress can be firm enough to keep down the risk of SIDS, especially if parents choose one that is made with dense, good quality foam. An effective way to test a mattress is to press down on it and see how fast the indentation disappears. If it is gone quickly, then the mattress is resilient enough not to be a suffocation hazard, and to provide adequate support for a baby learning to crawl, roll over, or stand.

To get a foam mattress that stays clean, parents should pick one with non-allergenic layers and a waterproof, wipe-clean cover. Waterproof wipe-clean covers keep out dust mites and prevent body fluids from soaking into the mattress core. Foam mattresses are also pretty lightweight, making them easy to handle when changing crib sheets.

What it Costs

A foam crib mattress is usually quite inexpensive. The cheapest foam mattresses can cost around $50, and for $150 it is possible to get one that has a lot of great features and is made from top quality materials that can make it a better investment than a cheap one that will lose its shape quickly.

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