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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- Any parent will say that their child's safety is their ultimate priority. After all, children are still too young to understand the dangers present in their environment. At the same time, they're insatiably curious and always like to push the boundaries that have been set for them. This makes it necessary to get only baby products that are considered safe for their use. This goes for everything from baby bottles to clothing and even to crib mattresses. identifies the characteristics of a safe baby crib mattress to help give parents some peace of mind and help them ensure their little one's well-being at all times. Here are the qualities of a safe baby crib mattress.

1. Firm. Experts recommend that babies be put to sleep on a firm surface. A dense, resilient mattress is essential in order to keep down the risk of SIDS and prevent suffocation. This is especially applicable to newborns and infants who may not yet be able to lift their heads. A safe mattress is one that does not retain the imprint of the child's body and will sink no more than an inch beneath its weight. A firm crib mattress may feel a bit hard to an adult, but a baby weights considerably less than a grown up, so it is by no means too stiff or hard for him.

2. Ventilated. Mattresses can soak up a lot of moisture and become breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. These in turn can cause respiratory illnesses in a child. A good crib mattress comes with a set of vents or pockets in the side that allow air to circulate through it and keep it aired, thus keeping harmful microorganisms at bay.

3. Free of phthalates and VOCs. Another big concern when it comes to baby crib mattresses is chemical out-gassing. Conventional foam mattresses are usually treated with flame retardant chemicals that release phthalates and other volatile organic compounds over time. This out-gassing can have a detrimental effect on a baby's health. A good crib mattress is one that is made with eco-friendly material, such as natural fibres or natural latex.

4. Waterproof. For the same reason that a mattress should be kept ventilated, it's also essential for it to have a waterproof top to prevent body fluids and spills from soaking into its core. This extra moisture is unhealthy, as is any sort of residue that could come into contact with a child's skin. A waterproof cover made of food-grade plastic is a feature of a good crib mattress.

5. Good fit. A crib mattress should also be an exact fit for the crib so that no gaps are left between it and the crib's sides. These gaps could cause entrapment and even suffocation if a child's foot or hand is caught in them.

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