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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- When it's time to buy a crib mattress for their baby, many parents find themselves dealing with a kind of option paralysis. There are simply so many choices on the market that they don't know how to begin narrowing down the field so they can make a selection. To help them out, identifies the characteristics of the best foam crib mattress .

1. Free of toxic chemicals. For many years, people were using foam mattresses that contained chemical flame retardants that could be harmful to a developing child's health. Fortunately, parents and care givers now expect crib mattresses to be made to a healthier standard. When buying a foam mattress , parents should check to see that it is certified safe with regard to phthalates and other toxic chemicals and that it complies with federal flammability standards.

2. Made with eco-friendly materials. If parents are truly looking for the best foam crib mattress, then they should make an effort to look for one that is made with eco-friendly materials. These mattresses are not just healthier, they're also a lot more ethical. Families should do their part to save Mother Earth, and that means picking a foam mattress made with natural or organic materials. Organic cotton for instance, is an affordable yet green option.

3. Firm. A crib mattress should be sufficiently firm, especially if it is intended for new-borns and infants. A firm surface reduces the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome because it is less of a suffocation hazard even when a baby rolls over on his stomach while he is asleep. A firm surface will also aid a child's physical development by providing adequate resistance for him to push up, sit up and stand. High-density foam is always a good choice.

4. Comfortable. A comfortable crib mattress makes for a better rest for baby and less stress for mom and dad. There are natural memory foam crib mattress on the market, as well as foam mattresses that come with water-resistant cotton or fabric covers instead of the usual vinyl or plastic. These mattresses tend to be cooler to the skin particularly in warm or humid climates.

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