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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- When people first become parents, they are exposed to a lot of new knowledge regarding childcare and the right products to use for their baby. For instance, many new moms and dads are surprised to find out that crib mattress dimensions are actually very important when picking out a crib mattress for the nursery. That's why has come up with this guide on crib mattress dimensions for their benefit.

Why Dimensions Matter

Parents who are buying cribs and crib mattresses for the first time might be surprised to find out that a crib mattress doesn't just have to be firm or free of harmful chemicals. It has to come with the right dimensions as well. Why do dimensions matter at all? The number one reason has to do with child safety. A mattress that is too large for a crib will not lie absolutely flat and could bunch or end up lying on a slant which would pose a suffocation risk especially for infants. In the meantime, a crib mattress that's too small is bound to leave gaps or spaces between itself and the sides of the crib. A child's limbs could become trapped in these gaps and cause injury.

Crib Mattress Length and Width

At present, crib mattresses are tailor made to go with standard crib sizes. There are two main crib sizes on the market today: regular cribs and mini or portable cribs. Regular cribs are often convertible into a toddler bed and are designed to grow with baby. They are made to stay in one place, and are thus large enough for mom or dad to squeeze in beside their little one. Crib mattresses made for regular cribs measure about 27 inches in width and 53 inches in length.

Meanwhile, mini or portable cribs are smaller since they're meant to be moved around. They're great for families on the go, or for families who live in small flats or apartments. These cribs may be foldable and often come with a set of wheels for easy transport. They carry mattresses that are about 24 inches wide and 37 inches long.

Crib Mattress Thickness and Weight

Crib mattresses can be anywhere from three to six inches thick. Thinner mattresses are prone to shifting in the crib, so thicker ones are more advisable since they will lie snug and flat in a crib. Mattresses should be no more than six inches in thickness so baby doesn't get a boost out of the crib when he starts to stand. When it comes to weight, it is understood that foam mattresses are lighter, weighing about eight pounds, while coil mattresses weigh more at more than twenty pounds. Lighter mattresses may be more convenient for cleaning and changing sheets.

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