Cricket Pasta at Detroit Eating Insects Conference

Bugsolutely's Cricket Pasta, a superfood containing 20% cricket flour, is on an International roadshow


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2016 -- Cricket Pasta is on the road. During May, Bugsolutely will be an exhibitor at two fairs dedicated to food innovations. The only pasta in the world with 20% cricket flour will be showcasing in Milan, from 11 May to 14 May, together with hundreds of other food companies. And at the end of May, Cricket Pasta will fly to Detroit for the first ever edible insect dedicated event.

Seeds&Chips gives room to edible insects
Seeds&Chips is an International Fair dedicated to food innovation from farm to fork. Hundreds of companies of all sizes in food, media and investment will share contents and experiences. The fair includes an exhibition area and a series of conferences packed with experts from all over the world. Among other names there will be Metro Group, Barilla, Accenture, Elior, Lavazza, Google Food and a number of food accelerators and VCs. The edible insect companies officially attending the event are Entocube (farming technology, from Finland), Italbugs (R&D, Italy), Entonote (educational, Italy) and of course Bugsolutely, coming armed with samples and demos from Bangkok.

For the first time, bugs are the protagonists: Detroit
At Eating Insects Detroit 2016, there will be speeches from experts in anthropology, entomology, nutrition and also from companies that are building the booming ento-market. Bugsolutely will be there represented by Nathan Preteseille, who will be speaking at the conference providing an overview of the Thai market, and with a booth in the exhibhition area, where packages of Cricket Pasta may be purchased.

The edible insect revolution is now
More than a couple hundred edible insect startups entered the western market in 2015 alone. This phenomenon should not be a surprise. Some people still consider insects as "creepy", but they eat plenty of other frightening (and unhealthy) things, just because it is culturally accepted. Surveys indicate that 30% to 50% of the population would like to try edible insect products. Our Cricket Pasta, which is 20% cricket flour and 80% wheat flour, makes those acceptance rates even higher. By integrating the crickets into a familiar product, the perception changes and everyone can experience how tasty insects can be. This new superfood is also high in sustainability. Crickets need very little food and water (1,000 times less than a cow) and they grow very quickly. For this reason, the United Nation's FAO and other International organizations are supporting the much needed diffusion of edible insects in western countries.

About Bugsolutely
Bugsolutely is a food company specialized in edible insect products. Founded in 2015 in Bangkok, Bugsolutely is at the forefront of the rapidly growing market of "bug foods" by producing Cricket Pasta, the only pasta in the world containing 20% cricket flour. Cricket Pasta is a superfood with great nutritional values, including a high protein content, and a very low environmental impact.