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New Crime Thriller Book Released by Author Scott L. Ward on Amazon’s Kindle Webstore

A violent war between a powerful crime family and a rival gang unsuspectingly connects a former mob courier and an FBI agent.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2011 -- The Courier, a new crime thriller book from author Scott L. Ward, is now available as a Kindle ebook through online bookseller At the heart of the book is a supposed chance meeting in Las Vegas between the main character, Sean, and a woman who might ultimately save his life. But as readers quickly discover, this isn’t just a case of boy meets girl. Sean is actually a former mob courier who unknowingly becomes involved with a Janice Watt, an FBI agent.

She’s one of dozens of agents monitoring the largest crime family in the United States -- a family that’s fighting to maintain this long-time title from a growing and equally violent Chinese gang. As author Scott L. Ward indicated, it’s much more than a city wide turf war.

“The battle between these two criminal factions extends from Las Vegas to New York. And there’s no middle ground… no division of states. Either you run the entire country, or you don’t,” said Ward.

FBI agent Watt doesn’t know where Sean fits in to the big picture. But she does know that he’s being trailed by a couple of local goons, making him a person of importance to the Bureau. It’s her job to figure out how important he is. Eventually her professional behavior turns into genuine love and that’s where the story begins to spiral.

Readers can get a free six chapter sample of The Courier from the Kindle Webstore. The Kindle reader (needed for reading the book) can be downloaded on both PC and Mac-based systems. It can also be read on a standalone Amazon Kindle or Kindle Fire. To download the sample or purchase The Courier visit (

About Scott L. Ward
Besides being the author of crime thriller book, Scott L. Ward is a web developer and an active investor. He’s working on a second work of fiction due out in 2012.