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Crime Providing New Jobs in CCTV

Finding a job in this economy has proven to be difficult if not impossible.


Coconut Creek, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2012 -- Finding a job in this economy has proven to be difficult if not impossible. This is why many individuals after working in a specific field for multiple years, are seeking training in a demanding industry to find job security. Finding training and obtaining a certification in a field that can allow an individual to be provided with job security is becoming more difficult. The days when you take a job and make a career out of it until retirement, seems to have been lost with the last generation.

With the growing demand for video surveillance to protect personal property, in addition to provide a home or business peace of mind for personal safety, there has been an increasing growth in individuals learning this new trade. “Allowing a person to take an online course to receive in depth training and certification in CCTV & Networking has been the goal” says Co-Founder Jay King from Miami, Florida from their website Security Camera Training

“Taking an individual who knows nothing about security camera systems or very little about networking and provide them with extensive online training, with the ability to receive a certification has brought our students tremendous success. What started as an idea over ten years ago, has molded in to an online course offering CCTV & Networking training to over six countries and thousands of students. We researched and found many companies offered sales training or specific security camera or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) product training, but we could not find a training course that allowed an individual with no experience to learn or advance their skills in the CCTV industry. CCTV Training has always been provided as on the job training, limiting individuals who are looking to start their own business or companies looking to train their new staff. We have combined every aspect of the sales, setup, configuration, networking, troubleshooting in to an online interactive webinar training course. Upon completion the student receives a certificate in their email showing they have completed the course and mastered the skills. In addition we offer a wide range of resources to our students including but not limited to online simulators, access to over 1000 CCTV vendors and business resources.”

Despite the economy the video surveillance industry has grown 12% in 2012 and is projected to increase to 40% by 2016. Focusing on an increasing demand in homes and businesses, the video surveillance industry has offered an opportunity for an individual to secure a position in the job market as an employee or entrepreneur.


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