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Critical Response Management Offers AED Training to Maryland Community


Westminster, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- AEDs, or automated external defibrillators, are becoming more and more commonplace throughout schools, offices, and public buildings. These devices can be used to save a person’s life in the event of cardiac arrest, which is why having employees that are trained to use them can be highly beneficial. Those who are considering having the people that work for them undergo this training will want to consider the following benefits:

- Life-Saving Skills

Those who undergo proper AED training will have the skills that are required to save a person’s life by using automated external defibrillators. In the event that someone in the workplace has a heart attack, these devices can save their life. After receiving this training, employees will know exactly how to respond to such a situation so they can potentially save the life of the person who has gone into cardiac arrest.

- Low Insurance Premiums

Businesses that want to save some money on their insurance premiums will find that most insurance companies look favorably upon workplaces that have AEDS and employees who are trained to use them. These businesses can save a very significant amount of money with regards to how much they pay for insurance each month. Although not all insurance companies offer these discounts, many of them do.

- Increased Marketability for Employees

Employers that want to take care of the people that work for them, not just in terms of their physical health but also their ability to find a job elsewhere, will definitely want to consider implementing mandatory AED training. This particular type of training can make it easier for individuals to find jobs because of how good it looks on a resume. Companies are always searching for people who have specialized training and skills like the kind that AED training offers.

When it comes to  AED training Maryland , Critical Response Management is one that most trustworthy and well-known names. This company offers AED as well as CPR and first aid training for employees of businesses that want to take care of their staff.

With fair rates and knowledgeable instructors,  Critical Response Management  is definitely one of the better options for businesses that are thinking about training their employees to use AEDs in the workplace. These devices are becoming very popular in all kinds of different places and this type of training can be extremely beneficial for both employees and employers alike.

About Critical Response Management
Critical Response Management is in the business of saving lives. The team provides remarkable emergency response training in all disciplines—medical response, mental health first aid, safety and security, and OSHA training. All training is conducted by professionals in the field of medicine and emergency response. Also, we offer emergency response equipment for purchase. Select a training session or piece of equipment so you can be prepared for any emergency.

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