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Critical Systems Inc Publishes New Video Illustrating the Difference Reconditioning Makes

Critical Systems Inc has described the difference between used ‘as is’ and their reconditioned gas cylinder cabinets, to help people understand the value of the service.


Boise, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2015 -- Gas cylinder cabinets are one of the most important unsung heroes in advanced technologies, providing exhaust absorption from semiconductor, solar, MEMS, NANO, solar PV and other advanced industrial manufacturing. They are however an expensive investment when new, meaning many businesses look to buy used cabinets. However, if bought 'as is' these come with numerous very real risks. Critical Systems Inc. specializes in reconditioning used cabinets to be as good as new, and have now published a video describing the differences and advantages one of their systems can provide.

The video aims to highlight some of the features and advantages of a reconditioned gas cylinder cabinet. The video outlines some of the most common problems with an 'as is' used gas cylinder cabinet, which can include missing parts that guarantee the piece can't function or could need bespoke recreation of pathways and systems.

The video ( then looks at the reconditioned gas cabinet, which are sourced from reliable OEM discontinuations and inspected for contamination. They ensure only first class cabinets reach the climate controlled warehouse where the refurbishment makes them as good as new, including a fifty point check replete with software upload so the cabinet performs the function it was purchased for.

A spokesperson for Critical Systems Inc explained, "The new video has been designed to make obvious the many advantages of reconditioned cabinets for anyone looking to buy either new or used cabinets. Our products represent a gold standard optimization of quality, performance and budget, allowing businesses to stay competitive in purchasing while still getting the efficiency they need in output to make the saving real. The video is a great way to summarize the main points, and we are happy to take phone calls and meetings to design appropriate solutions for current and new clients."

About Critical Systems Inc
Critical Systems Inc is a manufacturer & designer of gas cylinder cabinets for inert, toxic & non-toxic gases. Types include manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic & auto-changer gas cabinets. Gas cabinets feature excess flow & gas sensor, controller monitors, sprinkler heads, pressure sensing & automatic operation & remote outputs. Their products meet all ASME, AWS, NFPA, ASTM, IEST, ISPE & SEMI standards.

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