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Critter 911 Now Offers Free Home Inspections from One of Orlando's Best Rat Removal Companies


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- Rats are a problem throughout Florida. Something about the heat, humidity, and dampness make rats love Florida homes. And when homes in Orlando, Florida become infested with rats, homeowners turn to rat exterminators for help.

Critter 911 is one Orlando-based exterminator that seeks to solve any rat control problems homeowners may be experiencing. With years of experience in Orlando-area pest control, Critter 911 aims to eliminate pest control problems at the source and ensure they never come back – in fact, the company is so sure of its success that it even offers a ten year warranty on its services.

Reviews of Critter 911 have been appearing all over the internet. At, for example, visitors will find detailed information regarding Critter 911. The website explains that Critter 911 aims to provide superior service when dealing with any type of pest removal problem.

A poster on the website explains what kinds of services are offered by Critter 911:

-Expert rodent elimination
-Humane animal and bird removal
-Eco-smart insect pest control
-Dead animal clean-up
-Permanent entry point exclusion
-Animal damage repair
-Attic and crawlspace cleanup

In other words, Critter 911 will crawl into the dark and scary parts of any home so homeowners don’t have to. And as a Critter 911 spokesperson explains, rat removal is just one of many specialties offered by the company:

“We’re one of the best rat exterminators in Orlando, but that’s not all we do. As pest removal specialists, we deal with mice, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, bats, birds, snakes, moles, feral cats, wild pigs, and even armadillos. We also exterminate insects like ants, cockroaches, bees, wasps, and more. In short, we want to clear Orlando homes of whatever pest problems they may be experiencing.”

As the website explains, one of the biggest advantages of working with Critter 911 is the fact that the company offers free inspections. Homeowners can call the company at 407-373-7649 to ask for an inspection on any type of animal or insect removal project. is just one website where homeowners can find information about Critter 911. Other Orlando business review websites have also started to offer information about the company. At, visitors will find reviews written by real customers of Critter 911. The reviews are positive and describe how Critter 911 totally eliminated pest problems in the home.

Once visitors have researched Critter 911 on third party websites from the Orlando, Florida area, they can visit the company’s official website for more information. The company’s official website can be found at There, visitors will learn more about the advantages of working with some of Florida’s best pest control companies.

Whether specifically seeking rat control companies in Orlando or looking to solve insect problems in the home, Critter 911 aims to solve all of the annoying problems homeowners face on a regular basis.

About Critter 911
Critter 911 is a pest control company based in Orlando, Florida. The company specializes in rat removal, animal control, and pest extermination projects and now offers free inspections to all homeowners who call 407-699-4567. For more information, please visit: