Cross-Archer Studios Seek Funding via Kickstarter for Their Upcoming Venture Hurricane Paisley: The Visual Novel

This project is about a free-to-play VN for PC where a young woman has to travel to foreign lands to save her sister from a fate worse than death.


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Hurricane Paisley has been a pet project of Jennifer Hunter for over four years. It merged from two characters Jennifer created to be her alter egos and bloomed into a story of love, devotion, and courage. This is an anime-style visual novel, which will feature an in-depth storyline, great characters and beautiful cinematic artworks.

Hurricane Paisley was to be released last year, but failed due to the lack of funding and Jennifer could not complete the project. This is why she is now appealing to the Kickstarter community so that she can make Hurricane Paisley become a truly successful visual novel.

The player becomes Paisley, a young woman who is looking for her twin sister Reyna. Reyna was kidnapped by an evil villain called Zephyr and his buxom accomplice Rubis and is planning to use Reyna for sinister purposes. With energetic, ladies' man Zayes to aid in the rescue, Paisley has to find her sister, and discover things about herself and the land of Florana that she would never have dreamed of.

Breakdown of funding budget:
$2000: Creation of art assets.
$1,000: Promotional Materials and various other costs such as programs, animation fees, Kickstarter rewards, etc.
$1,000: Music
Stretch Goals:
$10,000 - Can hire a custom scripter to create an interface that's more manageable and who can also streamline the game so it's less clunky.
$20,000 - Custom tile sets made for the game. This will mean they can have a unique-looking game, rather than using the packaged and free resources available for RPGmaker.

This project will only be funded if at least $4,000 is pledged by Fri, May 23 2014 3:01 AM +05:30.

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