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Crowd Funding Project Cat2See Seeks Funds on Indiegogo for Interactive Pet Technology

Pet enthusiasts can play with, feed, and share video and pictures of pets throughout the world via a mobile device using Cat2See technology.


Kfar Saba, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Oct 4, 2013—The Cat2See project is looking for investors for its crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo. Cat and dog enthusiasts can play, share, and care for their pet from anywhere, all through any Android and iOS mobile device. This innovative technology uses a remote controlled ‘cat rod’ to play with the pet, a food dispenser to feed the pet, and a rotating webcam; all three devices are activated through a cell phone, tablet, or computer. The campaign seeks to raise $50,000 dollars by Nov. 12, 2013 (11:59pm PT) for its production and manufacturing costs.

“We all live busy lives, and our pets are usually the last thing we have time for. Cat2See is the perfect way to interact with them throughout the day. It’s a simple solution that guarantees a happy pet and a happy owner,” said Amir Guterman, Owner and CTO of Cat2See.

The device is equipped with a webcam, which allows the owner to view and interact with their pet; this particular perk is provided for all online buyers who will pay for the full kit.

The cat fishing rod is a remote-controlled toy, a base with a string attached. It swivels 180 degrees and goes up and down, giving the pet hours of playtime. Just push a button and food is deposited in to a feeding bowl from the food-fresh dispenser when the animal is hungry. And the rotating webcam, with camera, video, and voice technology, lets owners view or talk to the pet, while also creating movies or pictures of them to instantly post to Facebook or YouTube.

Investors can contribute by going to the project page and selecting between two perks. Receive the complete kit—cat rod, feeder, and webcam—for $139, or choose the $49 dollar perk, a $20 dollar discount from the $69 dollar retail price, and receive only the cat rod or feeder. All funds will be used for manufacturing and marketing costs. Every investor will receive a product, regardless if the project goal is reached.

“We’re the first company in the world to make this kind of product, which allows pet owners to fully interact with their cat and play with it from any mobile device. Who wouldn’t want to be able to check in and care for their pet while away,” said Guterman.

About Cat2See
Cat2See was invented by two entrepreneurs, Amir Guterman and Gilad Gelfand, who have worked in the pet supply industry for over 12 years. Investors can contribute to their project page on Indiegogo at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cat2see-play-care-and-share, or visit their website at www.cat2see.com.