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Crowdfunding Is a Tool to Change the Dynamics of Economic Downturn

Information exchange, conference on CrowdFunding – by invitation only


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2012 -- Innova Global Technology and Irvine Chamber of Commerce are happy announce that the seminar and conference on CrowdFunding is to be conducted on 8-9-2012. Some of the luminaries from the field of Finance, Commerce and Business are slated to grace the conference and speak on topics of high significance.

Among the speakers are Joseph Greco, Ph.D., Finance Professor- Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, Bryan Gianesin, Business and Securities Attorney, Gianesin Law Firm, Steve Gutierrez , Business Consultant - and Daniel Gutierrez, CEO & Co-Founder FundaGeek LLC. They are to bring up some pertinent points regarding capital and funding during the economic slowdown.

Select Business owners and Thought leaders are invited to participate in this summit which is sure to be of great value-add to entrepreneurs, start-up business owners and investors. Some of the key areas of deliberation and discourse are going to be non-traditional capital acquisition, the JOBS act, and whether it will bring any changes in the way employment generation and business is resourced for the future.

Complete enactment of the JOBS act by 2013 will be a point of discussion.

Invitees stand to gain a lot in terms of fine-tuning their organizations’ vision, mission and objectives. Some of the current and short-term goals can also be revamped in line with the fresh approach that one gets to see at this summit. The agenda of the program itself gives a clear idea of what a participant can expect to gain by the time the conference concludes. Registration can be done online by visiting the following URL: CrowdFundingRegisterEvent.

The main objective of the program is to offer business people up-to-date information and expert views on Crowdfunding, giving ideas on how to raise capital, plan for budgeting from non-conventional resources and non-accredited investors. It has particularly sound ideas for small businesses to develop and improve their current business practices. There are also wise lessons and business principles to be absorbed from these talks.

Those interested in speaking at the conference are also welcome. A form can be filled out to enter their session ideas. This particular part of the session is open to the public, whereas the conference to be held at Irvine, California is only for those who have been sent invitations.

Register and get a unique take on conducting business, raising capital, and formulating business strategies. Contact or visit for additional information on the conference.