Crowd Sourced Solutions Provider WhatWorkedFor.me Launches Itself, Shares Treatments of Psoriasis


Berkeley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- “First Problem – Psoriasis” is now officially the first post for the latest crowd sourced solutions provider WhatWorkedFor.me, a non-commercial service which is aiming to provide only practical information from other individuals who have faced similar problems or situations.

When individuals face medical management problems that a doctor cannot fully address, many seek advice from friends or family for home remedies. This new, simple service assists such a person in finding the safest, most effective over the counter or natural options available.

WhatWorkedFor.me is definitely not the first to offer such a service, but it is one of the few that can distill the range of opinion and experience sufferers face into clear recommendations for complex issues. The team behind the site is aiming to share a wide range of problems, and has started its service by discussing the common skin problem – Psoriasis.

According to the first post, psoriasis affects nearly 2% of the population and there is still no conclusive medical solution for it. The post on www.whatworkedfor.me further adds that there are many home remedies, natural treatments and western medicines for psoriasis but the effect of each type varies from person to person. The publication further elaborates on which type of solution is most suitable for certain skin types. The website has even asked individuals who have faced psoriasis to provide feedback on what worked for them and what did not.

The team of What Worked For Me has reviewed certain products such as Nizoral Shampoo, Tamanu Oil and Dead Sea Salts that are ideal for skin conditions like psoriasis. Specific descriptions of all the products are also mentioned in the posts offering interested individuals useful content.

One key aspect of What Worked For Me is that it clearly shows which solutions have work for some and may work well for others. Often a person gets even more confused when searching for a treatment due to the unclear advices given or commercial intent. What Worked For Me has shared numerous products and home remedies for psoriasis and unlike the review marketing websites which are aimed at only selling their products, the site has focused on not focusing on products or brands but simply the treatments themselves.

Currently focusing on more health and medical problems, WhatWorkedFor.me has shown great promise of offering direct solutions by highlighting the information that is most crucial and limiting the noise. The site aims to follow its mission of offering – “A crowd sourced but curated index of solutions to life’s difficult or unusual problems. Get help and give help by sharing your experience.”

About WhatWorkedFor.me
WhatWorkedFor.me is a newly launched website which provides crowd sourced solutions to various personal problems. The website recently began its service by adding solutions to the skin problem – Psoriasis. The founder of WhatWorkedFor.me himself has struggled with psoriasis and has now shared all successful medical and natural treatments that he has tried himself. The website aims at sharing such problems and finding solutions that have been tried and tested by other individuals.

For more information about Crowdsourced Solutions or Psoriasis, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of whatworkedfor.me, please email sam@whatworkedfor.me.