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Crowders Introduces Kettle Compact 57cm Black Barbecue from Weber


Horncastle, Lincolnshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2017 -- Crowders have introduced Kettle Compact 57cm black barbecue from Weber - a well-known supplier of both charcoal and gas barbecues. This barbecue from Weber is perfect for gardens or sheds that do not have too much space. The Weber barbecue has Porcelain- Enamelled Bowl and Lid, all weather wheels, 57 cm Triple plated cooking grate and a no rust aluminium vent.

Weber's Compact 57cm black is a fantastic compact barbecue that is the perfect size for cooking with friends and family throughout summer. This compact barbecue has is of high quality which lasts for years to come and is easy and effective to use. This Weber barbecue is weather protected to increase its resistance to general wear and tear, keeping it looking newer for a long time.

This barbecue is available at an affordable price of £79 and it comes with a 10 year limited warranty. The compact 57cm black barbecue is a stylish and modern charcoal barbecue with excellent design and makes barbecuing much easier and enjoyable. The Weber range also offers a wide variety of barbecues to suit the specific needs of the buyers.

The company provides gas and charcoal barbecues as well as portable barbecues. It has introduced some new colours to brighten up the range. It offers supreme quality BBQ's for easy and effective grilling in all weather. The company also stocks a great range of barbecue accessories from the Weber chimney starter to barbecue cleaning sprays and utensils.

Crowders is a one-stop shop for cooking outdoors, supplying all the tools, accessories and covers needed to provide the ultimate barbecuing experience. It has a range of barbecue tools and accessories from the popular and well-known suppliers Weber and Outback who provide top quality barbecue products to their customers.

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