Crowdfund Buzz Joins Forces with Brand New Crowdfunding Platform FundThis to Make Crowdfunding Easier

FundThis is launching the first next-generation crowdfunding platform on March 23rd with one goal; to simplify the entire crowdfunding process so more people can achieve crowdfunding success.


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2017 -- It all started back in 2014 when serial entrepreneur Anthony Perera looked at the way crowdfunding was conducted and knew then and there there had to be a better way. As the crowdfunding landscape went through seismic shifts in 2016 with record-high failure rates, overall shrinkage of new reward crowdfunding campaigns being launched not to mention the chaotic start to the equity crowdfunding sector, industry professionals who seldom agree on anything agreed that changes must be made.

By all appearances Anthony Perera is a visionary in seeing this fundamental need for change years before anyone else.

Joining forces with brothers Felix and David Hartmann, Mr. Perera formed a triumvirate with the collective knowledge of sales and marketing, technology and entrepreneurship forging a unique and unbeatable combination of skills that every crowdfunder needs to succeed.

The FundThis platform, without any exaggeration or hyperbole, is delivering crowdfunding 2.0. That's because FundThis campaigns gain access to all of the resources needed for crowdfunding success all in one place. From crowdfunding consulting to graphic design to writing the crowdfunding story to crowdfunding promotion and campaign management assistance along with pitch video assistance, crowdfunders seeking to launch a new campaign are treated to "one stop shopping" for everything they need all thanks to FundThis.

Up until now, anyone planning a crowdfunding campaign had to stumble in the dark to first discover then pull together all of the resources they needed to produce and promote a crowdfunding campaign. Prior to the emergence of FundThis, the unattractive alternative was to face very steep fees for a boutique agency to provide these services that could run as high as $15,000 up front with a hefty percentage of all funds raised running as high as 30% on top of standard platform fees and credit card processing charges.

FundThis changed the entire paradigm with fees as low as 5% for crowdfunders who don't need any assistance to fees no higher than 12% should crowdfunders need or want the full range of support services FundThis provides. In any case, a crowdfunder is not asked for even a dime of their money up front which puts the majority of risk on FundThis, a first in the crowdfunding industry.

Crowdfund Buzz is proud to be partnered with FundThis in providing best-in-class crowdfunding promotion services seamlessly with the FundThis platform to help everyone reach for crowdfunding success.

To kick off FundThis and celebrate this milestone in the crowdfunding industry, FundThis hosted a sensational launch event at the Rhythm & Vine Beer Garden in Fort Lauderdale. This inaugural event included a live DJ, open bar and food where everyone in attendance met the FundThis founders and many of the premier crowdfunding campaign owners who traveled far and wide to attend.

Looking to the future, FundThis is a very serious entrant to the crowdfunding industry intent on making crowdfunding a more promising opportunity to start or grow a business than ever before.

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