Crowdfund Buzz Partners with Global Crowdfunding Convention

The Industry's #1 Crowdfunding Promotion Company Joins Forces With the World's Largest Global Crowdfunding Event to Empower Startups, Charities and Anyone Seeking Crowdfunding.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2016 -- The meeting of the minds between Crowdfund Buzz and The Global Crowdfunding Convention was an inevitable date with destiny to the betterment of the entire crowdfunding industry. That's because these two colossal crowdfunding entities are both headquartered in Las Vegas, both seek to empower and educate crowdfunders and now these two titans of crowdfunding are working together to the betterment of the crowdfunding industry as a whole.

Ruth Hedges, the founder and executive producer of the Global Crowdfunding Convention, is unquestionably an industry visionary with wisdom and insight that attracted the attention of the most powerful politicians on earth. Accepting invitations to the halls of Congress and the White House, her sage wisdom was heard by lawmakers and politicians at the highest levels of government to the extent that she wound up being a vocal contributor to the JOBS act and related crowdfunding policy.

On the other side of the crowdfunding universe, Crowdfund Buzz Managing Member Howard Sherman leads the crowdfunding movement in the trenches by guiding and advising crowdfunders through crowdfunding public relations, promotion and consulting to help as many people as possible hit and exceed their crowdfunding goals. To date, Crowdfund Buzz has helped crowdfunding projects raise as much as $1.8 million dollars in just one project while others have raised $500,000 and over $1 million in just one offering.

The 5th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention (GCC World 2016) runs from October 15th to October 17th in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip at Planet Hollywood. A series of events ranging from a VIP red carpet event to endless networking opportunities to hearing the best and brightest from the upper echelons of finance, law, accountancy and journalism spanning all industries speak about crowdfunding with the spotlight shining particularly brightly on the people who succeeded at crowdfunding at highest possible levels.

Going way beyond crowdfunding theory, attendees will learn directly from the rock stars of crowdfunding who have raised millions of dollars in addition to the theory and practice behind successful crowdfunding.

Through the generosity of GCC2016, Crowdfund Buzz is proud to make available exclusive discounts on all levels of GCC2016 tickets for a limited time on a first-come, first-served basis. Anyone interested must visit for details and access to the discount code.

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