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Crowdfund Investment Professionals from Around the Globe Unite to Help Entrepreneurs Gain Access to Capital


Brussels, Belgium -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2012 -- Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) Principal, Sherwood Neiss joined 25 European crowdfunding platforms at the European Crowdfunding Network’s (ECN) pre-launch meeting last week. The purpose of the meeting was to define the priorities for supporting the development of the crowdfunding industry in Europe. As a result of the meeting, one priority was set to building a Europe-wide framework for crowdfunding, similar to what the CCA team has built with the Crowdfunding Investment Framework that was used in the U.S. JOBS Act to increase access to capital for entrepreneurs in the U.S.

While crowdfund investing is legal in many EU countries, such as the UK & Netherlands that have an under $100k Euro exemption, each country has individual security administrations and regulations, therefore making a unified crowdfunding exemption akin to what we have in the USA ($1M) virtually impossible.

The ECN invited the CCA team to Brussels allowing Sherwood to inform attendees about the crowdfunding framework they implemented in the U.S. and to share best practices for lobbying for change when working with legislators to help implement a framework that would benefit European entrepreneurs, there-by creating jobs and allowing for greater prosperity in their individual countries.

“When countries give their citizens the tools to build businesses, everyone wins—jobs are created, financial assets are allocated to productive forces and eventually more taxes are collected. Crowdfund investment is one of the best tools a country can give entrepreneurs, it gives them the ability to raise capital and validate their idea, helping to reduce waste and market efficiently by building businesses that the market as a whole is willing to pay for,” said Sherwood. “We are working with organizations and governments throughout the globe helping them to develop frameworks that allow them to achieve prosperity and success. We are very excited to sit on the Advisors Board of the European Crowdfunding Network, there are a great deal of very bright people that are working hard to change things for the better of all.”

“Having Sherwood from CCA at the pre-launch event of the European Crowdfunding Network couldn’t have been more valuable,” said Eva Serlachius, Acting Co-Chair. “We are embarking on a new era of capital raising and the CCA team has shown us it is possible and now it is our turn to take it to the next level. Having the authors of the Crowdfund Investing framework in attendance discussing the JOBS Act and Crowdfunding provided immediate answers that we wouldn’t have had without them.”

CCA offers day-long ‘how to implement crowdfund investing in your country’ seminars teaching attendees:

1. An understanding of how the flow of capital is directly related to job growth
2. How technology has allowed the crowd to step in as the nation's financiers
3. How doing so will lead to less fraud and greater success
4. How local communities stand to gain the most
5. How to implement a similar framework with prudent oversight

More information on can be obtained by contacting a representative through their website at: www.crowdfundcapitaladvisors.com.

About Crowdfund Capital Advisors
Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) is an advisory, implementation and education firm founded by Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss (founders of Startup Exemption), the leaders of the Crowdfunding movement. CCA provides comprehensive advisory solutions for both the public and private sector - that enables clients to achieve maximum results. As part of the team that led the fight to make Crowdfunding legal, and through ongoing work with the foreign and domestic governments, SEC, FINRA, Crowdfunding platforms and industry leaders, CCA helps clients succeed in this new era of financing, in a way that few can match. CCA works with a variety of groups from professional investors, Crowdfunding platforms and professional services firms to foreign and domestic government agencies and entrepreneurs.

About European Crowdfunding Network
The European Crowdfunding Network is a European-wide initiative that aims at supporting and promoting crowdfunding as an alternative funding mechanism for small businesses. It is gathering committed supporters and community management resources for carrying its activities and operations. The target audience are crowdfunding platforms (this would include P2P finance platforms, equity crowdfunding platforms, donations-only platforms), Investors (individuals & Angels / VCs) and professionals (lawyers, accountants..).


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