CrowdFundBuzz.Com Reviews Resources for Entrepreneurs & Fulfills a Desperate Need of Startups

New Enterprise PR Service Offering Delivers Turnkey Solution to Startups and Small Business In Need of an Internet Presence.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2016 -- Crowdfund Buzz reviews the emerging trends and nascent needs of entrepreneurs, startups and crowdfunders continually. As a result, this dynamic PR agency is able to deliver the best possible suite of public relations services and social medial promotion engagement to help new business startups succeed.

The most recent round of recon on the state of new ventures identified the need of nascent enterprises to stake their rightful place online. This might seem surprising when one considers the Internet, as we know it, is 25 years old.

A second look at the rapid rise of entrepreneurial spirit makes this fact understandable instead of startling.

That's because inventors and innovators of every age are coming out of the woodwork with new ideas that inspire them to take their shot at achieving immortality through ingenuity.

Recent clients of Crowdfund Buzz include an 82 year old Israeli who invented a new watch to a Russian scientist of middle years who developed a new derivative of fossil fuel to a team of mostly middle-aged scientists who are notable in the fields of astronomy and archaeology seeking to produce a documentary that will change the way citizens of the world consider Earth itself. Last but not least was a filmmaker who created a new web series based on the popularity of a global film franchise.

What did this diverse group of visionaries have in common? The need for a total online solution beyond mere crowdfunding advertising.

With ideas rousing the dreams of retail riches comes the imperative of online identity; website creation, Facebook page setup and Twitter feed launch. When the stones of this foundation of online presence are set, promoting a crowdfunding campaign or advertising a new web-based business is much more feasible.

Enter the Crowdfund Buzz Enterprise PR package. This turnkey solution gives inventors, authors, entrepreneurs, artists and everybody else a turnkey solution that helps them propel their idea from possible to published.

Crowdfund Buzz clients interested in crowdfunding promotion or general PR services get a suite of services to help them build their online presence from the ground up with their new Enterprise product including:

Domain Name Registration
Website Creation
One Year of Website Hosting
Business consulting or crowdfunding consulting
A press release written and distributed around the new venture
Social media promotion for up to three months

In keeping with its tradition of delivering affordable promotional services, offers their turnkey Enterprise solution for a very modest $1999.

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