CrowdFunding Bank Releases How to Build a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Video Training


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- CrowdFunding Bank, a leading global funding platform, recently developed an important one of a kind training video that will help people and businesses secure capital for creative projects and startup companies through crowd funding. The video, How To Build A Successful CrowdFunding Campaign, was created to raise awareness and reduce the barriers startups face when seeking the support of popular crowdfunding platforms or professional venture capital and angel investors.

Crowdfunding is the new way to obtain financing, it is the process of getting capital for businesses, ideas and projects by soliciting the general audience for financial support. According to a report from Massolution, as of April 2012, the total amount of money raised by all 452 online crowdfunding platforms worldwide was about $1.47 billion for 1.2 million campaigns. One crowdfunding success story, Double Fine Adventure, attained more than $3,000,000 of funding from their backers. They also benefited from gaining a huge fan base for their concept.

With crowdfunding businesses and people can potentially have all of the support and funding they need, yet many people take the process of putting up together their crowdfunding campaign lightly and as a result of that they fail. More than 7,000 projects never received a single dollar. People are genuinely interested in projects that bring something new and valuable, so successful crowdfunding requires an innovative and creative approach.

CrowdFunding Bank has put together an exclusive, in-depth video training that goes far beyond the general information available out there and consists of 16 modules including:

1) What is crowdfunding?
2) Advantages and disadvantages of crowdfunding
3) Questions to ask yourself when considering crowdfunding
4) Ways to crowdfund
5) Main components of a successful crowdfunding campaign
6) What makes a crowdfunding campaign successful
7) Launching your crowdfunding campaign
8) How to prepare your crowdfunding project

"We wanted to know the exact ingredients of a successful crowdfunding campaign, so we analyzed hundreds of pages of information and asked the people behind some of most successful crowdfunding campaigns to share their success," said Peter Van Aasen, CEO of CrowdFunding Bank. "This training is for creators and entrepreneurs who want to know more about sourcing money from the crowd to fund creative projects and startups," he continued.

Crowdfunding makes it easier for small businesses to attract investors and to gain access to capital. With the innovative training video, How to build and run a successful crowdfunding campaign by CrowdFunding Bank everyone can put together a great presentation, extensively use social networking and become successful at Crowdfunding.

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