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CrowdFunding Campaign - Edible Water Pouch by 1 Mighty Mogul


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- 1 Mighty Mogul is company which has developed an ingenious product, the edible water pouch which comes with 9.5pH Alkaline Water. This means that after drinking the water in the pouch users will be able to eat the pouch that the water came in, this pouch contains different Vitamins & Minerals and is Electrolyte infused. This is the most innovative packaging idea yet that provides not only great value for the users abut also eliminates waste. It can be observed that the plastic wastage problem has become uncontrollable because each conventional plastics bottle will take over 400 years to decompose.

The 1MM edible water pouch is made up of Organic, edible ingredients already in the food market, thus even if the user dose not eat the pouch, it is still safer for the environment since it is 100% Bio-degradable so there is zero waste because it contains no plastic. The pouches come in a variety of refreshing fruit flavors that taste and feel similar to fruit strips, but they are far more delicious and not that sweet. Additionally, each pouch comes with an external peel off bio-degradable film that protects the edible pouch for consumption. Another advantage of the 1MM edible water pouch is that it is easy to carry compared to conventional plastic water bottles.

The best among people are those who care about the world and the other people. The world is in a bad condition right now mainly because of people’s ignorance and bad choices. Statistics show that every year 1.5 million children die world due to drinking unclean water, consumption of unclean dirty water can lead to many life threatening infections and diseases. Accessibility to clean and safe drinking water is the basic right of every human living on earth. The Mighty Mogul company is a team of people who are working hard to reduce wastage and help people with their ingenious one of a kind idea, whenever someone buys a 1MM water pouch/bottle, the 1MM company will donate the same to different parts of the world that are desperate for water, starting with Congo & Darfur.

This is clearly a world changing idea but it needs the support and generosity of other people, the 1 Mighty Mogul company and a team of biochemists have produced the 1st prototype of the water pouch from edible protein polymers and are currently in a product testing phase, the money people donate will allow 1MM to go through compounded thermal and weight pressure testing for shipping, activate distribution worldwide and to ship their 1st freight container to Congo & Darfur.

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